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Different scents of Batiste Dry Shampoo by Crockpot Empire

Being a girl is tough and being a mom is even more tough. There are just some days we just don’t have the time (or the energy) to wash, dry, straighten and curl the hair we have spent years desperately trying to grow after losing hair during pregnancy! Eeeeek!

So, for all of those days that you are in a rush, too tired, or the alarm didn’t go off, let me formally introduce you to one of my favorite beauty products ever invented- dry shampoo!

This miracle in a bottle takes flat oily hair and revives it to look like a million bucks! I have a secret…but, shhhh, you must promise not to tell. There once was a time (or two!) that I went almost four days without washing my hair. Yes, I took a bath and washed my body and face, but that was where bath time ended and dry shampoo stepped in to save the day like the beauty super hero it is. Geez, I love this stuff so much.

Some days, I just need (or want) to throw my hair back in a pony tail or cute side bun and run out the door, because I’m late for an appointment, heading back to the gym, or I am just too tired to care. Dry shampoo helps take away the oil and create volume and instant texture, when unwashed hair has become flat and shall I say atrocious?!

All dry shampoo is NOT created equal, though. I have tried many different brands of this gold spray in an aerosol can and some will leave it with powdery residue on top. I’ve tried using baby powder, but that will also leave your hair looking like a head full of gray hair. I have a committed relationship to Batiste. It gives your hair an instant refresh, boosts volume and banishes oil, and doesn’t leave a powder once sprayed on your hair. On top of that, the best thing is that it also comes with a hint of color (including Light & Blonde and Deep & Dark Brown) and in so many different fragrances including cherry, tropical, sweetie, and so many others (cherry is one of my favorites). The hint of color is perfect for color treated hair and will help buy you a few more weeks before having to get back to the salon.

If you are blonde or brunette and you are getting roots or grays, this stuff is seriously magic in a can. When it’s almost time to get my hair colored and I am trying to prolong the inevitable, I immediately grab my can of Batiste and it serves two purposes- not having to wash my hair and covering up hot roots and/or gray hair. Seriously, this is one of my favorite beauty products and I always have a bottle on hand! Give it a try and let me know what your favorite is!

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