The Greatest Cook I’ve Ever Known

I learned to cook from the greatest lady that I will ever know. She was my grandmother, my mother’s mother, my friend, and now she’s my angel, also referred to as my yellow butterfly.

My grandmother was a lady of grace and the most devoted sister to eight, wife, mother, and friend. She was married to my mother’s daddy for 32 years and before I was born he went to be with our Lord. I look forward to being able to meet him one day, when I reach the Kingdom, where they watch over us as angels.

After her loss, she got re-married, to my Pa-Paw who served a role that I know made my mother’s father proud. She was married to my Pa-Paw for 25 years before he passed away, and was separated from him for 12 years before meeting both of her loving husband’s in heaven on her 93rd birthday. I know God kept her here for that many years, because everyone she touched she blessed.

I have the fondest memories of sitting on the kitchen counter helping her bake cakes, casseroles and scratch biscuits. I can still smell the big country breakfasts that she was always sure to make that filled the air of their modest home with the aroma of bacon, biscuits and gravy. My Pa-Paw gave me my first bite of a tomato and taught me how to tend to a garden, as they grew their own fruits and vegetables in their own backyard. One of my favorite memories that I have in life is sitting at the kitchen table with my grandparents snapping beans and talking about the day.Kim and Grandparents They took care of one another, their families, their garden, and loved Jesus with all their hearts. My grandmother had the knack of bringing soul to any recipe, because without it, it’s just a recipe. One of her many talents was creating food with love for our family, where we would gather around the table for breakfast, dinner and supper, never missing a meal.

My Pa-Paw would always take his seat at the head of the table to bless the food before us, the family members sitting beside us, and the love that will always remain between us. His prayer seemed to always sound the same, but when I became an adult, I realized just how difficult praying out loud in public is, even if it was just in front of your family. He was such a strong Christian man, that taught me so much and I am grateful for all those years I was able to learn how to bless the food before us.

I want to pass on to you and your family our families recipes that have brought us so much happiness over the years and that will always remind us of those that have blessed our dinner table’s in one way or another. 

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