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Happy Friday, Empresses! I hope your week has been good to you! I don’t know about you, but today was pay day for me and I’m ready to do some shopping! I love Macy’s for so many reasons, especially their home products. This weekend, Macy’s is having a super weekend sale that is full of great deals! To make shopping easier, I have rounded up some of my all time favorite kitchen and home products that I use and love. And like I said, I’m ready to shop too, so I added all the goodies that came home with me! So, come shop the Macy’s Super Weekend Sale with me and get 50-75% off storewide now through Sunday using the code WKND!

I mean, I run a website called Crockpot Empire, so it’s no secret that my love for crockpots runs D-E-E-P!!! If you were to guess, how many do you think I have? If you guessed five you’re right! I have used them all so much and am in desperate need to replace all but one! The first place I always go to buy a crockpot is Macy’s, when they have sales like this super weekend sale, because they have such great prices. I’ve had so many questions about which crockpot to buy, so here’s my list of favorites!
Kim Bishop in a black off the shoulder black top with jeans and hot pink Baublebar tassel earrings standing with Crock PotsOne of my favorite crockpot’s if I had to pick one is the Crock-Pot SCCPVC600-P-A 6-Qt. Countdown Slow CookerIt also comes in a version that has a built in stir feature that is amazing! It is only great for soups or side dishes like macaroni and cheese, greens or mashed potatoes, so not a necessity, but a great feature for those recipes that need stirring and you are not at home to do it. Never use this for dishes with meat in them, otherwise it will become mush. Ewwww.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet quality crockpot that will create meals and you aren’t looking to get too fancy this is the one for you! I have it and love it and it’s at a perfect price point. You can’t go wrong with a simple crockpot that doesn’t have a lot of features and is easy to navigate. It has four settings, off, high, low and warm and is perfect for both newbies and experienced Empresses alike! A few others that I think are totally worthy are the KitchenAid, Bella and Cuisinart. You can’t go wrong with any of these brands and they are all great choices. I have had my Cuisinart for years and it still works as great as it did the day I brought it home from Macy’s!The new trendy kitchen appliance is the pressure cooker. Have you tried it yet? If so, I would love to know your thoughts, so please shoot me an email or comment below! I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, but today I decided to pull the trigger. I bought my first pressure cooker and am excited to start sharing recipes with you. I can’t wait to try this magical tool that will have dinner ready in half the time than you would using a regular pot on the stovetop. I like this idea, because sometimes I don’t plan very well, and am scrambling at the last minute to figure out what’s for dinner. Problem solved with a pressure cooker, where you can quickly tenderize meat and vegetables.  A lot of people question that it may take away flavor cooking it so quickly, but with all of the research I have done, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I will certainly keep you posted once I break mine open! I chose the T-Fal Clipso and am so excited to create a plethora of new meals like chicken piccata, spicy pork, chicken enchiladas and of course, mac and cheese! Kim Bishop with an aqua sky KitchenAid Artisan Mixer at Macys .comI truly have a love hate relationship with the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer and I only have myself to blame. When Fred and I got married we registered at Macy’s and that’s where the majority of our gifts came from. For some reason, I listened to someone that told me that a KithchenAid hand mixer was all that I needed and that the beloved Queen of mixers was not something that I should register for! I still hold a grudge and every time I see one I get a pang in my heart. So, baby Empresses that haven’t tied the knot yet, please heed my advice when I beg you with all my heart to register for this mixer!!! With all of the baking I do now, I need that beautiful piece of cooking art on my countertop to display. Could I splurge and buy one myself, yes. Am I going to? No. Hopefully, KitchenAid will one day send me one as an anniversary gift. A blogger can dream… Kim Bishopwith a Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker with a pink coffee mug at Macy'sI’ve been drinking Bulletproof coffee for quite sometime now, but until last weekend I realized I was missing out on an even better cup of this healthy goodness. My friend introduced me to the French Press and making coffee from scratch. I came home and Monday and after being served her French press bulletproof coffee my cup of Joe was BLEH. I will be posting the recipe and how to make great bulletproof coffee next week, but until then grab this fancy Bodum Chambord 8-cup French Press while it’s on major sale. It needs a space in your kitchen and you deserve the best coffee, don’t you?!?! Of course you do! You will also need a grinder if you don’t already have one and I just picked up this Krups Fast Touch Grinder that has rave reviews. I’m telling you my friend Mandy is very serious about her coffee and now so am I! It is truly that good! Martha Stewart Egg Separator with ceramic egg tray at MacysA few other staples that every kitchen needs are the small tools that make life so much more simple! If you don’t have these that I use every day, I say grab them now at a great price! Do you have an apple slicer that makes cutting apples a cinch? Instead of buying pre-sliced apples in a bag for Knox’s lunch box, I use this to save money and keep out unnecessary added ingredients to packaged fruit. Almost every morning, I eat two egg whites mixed with one egg. Using my egg yolk separator makes separating the yolk from the egg white perfect every time! Lastly, I have been loving my thermalon non-stick pans and highly encourage you to get rid of your old non-stick pans and make the healthy switch. To discuss all the benefits is a whole blog post in itself, which I’m noting to do! These pans are the new healthy non-stick option and I absolutely love mine and I’m sure you will too!

Lets switch gears to one of my favorite tools for my closet, which is my Conair garment steamer. Long gone are the days where I pull out the iron, because this is so much convenient, easier and faster! Fred and I always carry it in our luggage and whenever there are wrinkles I am fully armed! Except this dress that I posted last spring! When I got to the photo shoot and realized how wrinkled it was, I was so embarrassed. Instead, I posted it anyway, gave myself grace and just made fun of myself…what else can you do??!!Conair Extreme Steam Steamer at Macys .comSo, there you have it, the home sale broken down Empress style! Do you have a Macy’s card? If so, you get an additional 20% off your purchase or you can click here to get the circular coupon for the additional 20% off. You can also buy online and pick up in store, which is one of my favorite things to do. It makes shopping so convenient and you don’t have to scour the store trying to find what you are specifically going there to buy. You simply make your purchase online and then head to the customer service desk for pick up. I love it! And if you just want to be extremely lazy, stay in your pajamas and lay in bed all weekend you can shop online and get free shipping with $99 purchase! I vote for that option if I were you!!! Kim Bishop in a black cold shoulder top on a bed with linens and a pink headboardI would love to know what is on your list to buy this weekend and what all you put in your cart! Tag me and Macy’s on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Happy Shopping!!!

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    Thanks for all the great info, Kimberly! Cooking is not my thing, so this was very helpful. I never think about Macy’s for kitchen products, so thanks for the tip!

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