No White After Labor Day Is Now White Year Round

Kim Bishop in a cotton field wearing a faux fur vest, white skinny jeans and Sam Edelman booties

Hey friends! I hope you’re having a great week. I thought it was off to a great start, but then Super Bowl LI happened!!! I’ve been in Atlanta since the second grade, so to watch something of this magnitude unfold in my home town was really special. It was such an exciting time for our city and even though they didn’t win, they did so much for Atlanta and that will continue to linger on. I know it was a painful loss for so many, especially the team, but a sincere congratulations to the Patriots and condolences to the #RiseUp nation! There’s always next year! Now, let’s get to the girl talk and forget about football! This post is all about fashion and how no white after Labor Day is now white year round!Kim Bishop wearing winer white skinny jeans and a faux fur vest with LV Azur Artsy bagThe “rule” (that I have always deemed stupid in my own right) claimed Labor Day as the holiday where you just naturally stopped your summer wardrobe. It has been around since the 1800’s, but most notably in high school when everyone snickered when a girl who didn’t know any better showed up to school in white sandals on Tuesday after the holiday weekend. I finally decided one year that I was going to start pushing the envelope and was probably looked at the same way. I didn’t care though, and now us Labor Day rule breakers can officially unite, because we really knew what we were doing all along! HA!Kim Bishop in a cotton field wearing a neutral faux fur vestIt was deemed as a major fashion faux pas if you stepped out in white after Labor Day, but times have definitely changed, and I praise the fashionista(s) who put an end to one of the worst outdated rules in fashion history! I’ve recently had so many questions around this topic and realized that not everyone is aware that white in the winter is in full swing now! It has been for a few years now, and didn’t just happen overnight, so don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable pushing the fashion boundaries and being a trendsetter! No white after Labor Day is dead and is more like white all rear round now! Can I get an Amen??!!Kim Bishop in the middle of a cotton fieldFrom jeans, to sneakers, to sweaters and tops, you can wear all the white you want, BUT, you just have to make sure you style it the right way and wear it season appropriate. Pair your white skinnies with one of this season’s best trends the bomber jacket (coming to the blog next week and one of my favorite looks!), add some plaid and a utility vest with some neutral booties, make it chic with black and white or stay warm with faux fur. Take a white cashmere sweater and add a navy blazer over it to feel a little nautical and dreaming of Spring! Kim Bishop walking in a cotton field in winter white and faux fur vest with Luis Vuitton Damier Azur Artsy bagThere’s so many way’s to style white, and I’m so glad that it’s officially a year long neutral! So, go ahead and winterize those white skinnies or that cashmere white sweater, and let’s never look back!

Meet you back here on Friday, when I’m baking the the yummiest Valentine’s dessert for you!!!

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