Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

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My love for Marc Jacobs as a designer runs deep, so I was so excited to try his new beauty line and even more excited to write a review on his newest mascara. Velvet Noir, delivers instant dimension to create epic lashes with major length and volume in three strokes or less.

Let me preface this by letting you know that admittedly, I am a mascara snob. I have a love affair with it and if there is one beauty product that I cannot live without it’s mascara, without it I feel naked!Crockpot Empire - Marc Jacobs - Mascara - Velvet Noir 2

I have spent decades trying to find the “perfect” mascara from high end to drugstore brands. I have to absolutely LOVE a mascara, and I mean realllllllly L-O-V-E, because there are so many drugstore brands like one of my favorites Voluminous Million Lashes by L’Oreal Paris that are just as good.

I am always on the look out for a high end product that delivers all that it says, so that I can splurge and feel good about it. At a medium price point of  $26.00 a tube, this mascara is totally worth it!Crockpot Empire - Marc Jacobs - Mascara - Velvet Noir 4All my friends know that I can laugh or cry with the drop of a hat, so for me, I always use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Although, I haven’t cried or gone swimming with this mascara (yet) it has proven that the Flash Volume Complex™  is in fact smudge-proof for me. I always have a problem with mascara that is not waterproof that marks on my upper lid before it dries, but not with Velvet Noir!

The curvy brush has been developed to be able to reach the hard-to-reach center lash line and this brush brings your lower lashes to life! The tip of the brush defines and styles the lashes for a dramatic falsie effect. Use it alone or layer it with an additional mascara for even more drama.Marc Jacobs Beauty - Velvet Noir Mascara - Sephora - Crockpot EmpireI highly recommend this mascara and can’t wait to hear what you think about it! You can purchase it at Sephora here. I would love to know what your all time favorite mascara is?

Kimberly Bishop - Crockpot Empire

{Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. I did receive this product free of charge and this post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links.}

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