Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: ‘Still LoLo’

A beautiful model on the outside, but also filled with a sweet spirit on the inside. A Believer who professes her faith without fear. A strong and brave young woman, who overcame adversity, and now finds solace in the great plans that God has for her life. A faithful Christian who has been called to grow His Kingdom and is making a big impact in His calling for her “new” life. 

I’ve been following the healing, transformation and spiritual growth of Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, since the day I read the horrific news that she had been in the tragic propeller accident back in 2011. At just 23, Lauren Scruggs was a model and fashion blogger with a flourishing career. She was the Gossip Girl wardrobe intern, running her own fashion blog and had big dreams and aspirations.

Photo courtesy of Redeemed Girl

Photo courtesy of Redeemed Girl

After church one Sunday in December, Lauren and her mom went to dinner at a friend’s house who lived on an airport.  She went up for a ride for an aerial view of the Christmas lights and fifteen minutes later their lives changed in an instant when the plane landed. When stepping out of the aircraft, Lauren accidentally made a wrong turn and walked into the spinning propeller blade.

Her mother had the horrific experience of having to run through the hanger to be by her daughter’s side after hearing that Lauren had been hit by a propeller. She accounts that she could see her “laying on the ground face down and her long hair was so beautiful,” but not knowing if she was alive or dead as “she was lying in a pool of blood.” Feeling helpless, she says, she got down beside her and whispered “Lo, Mom’s here.”

After suffering a brain injury, losing her left hand and tearing her left eye, there were moments doctors were unsure if she would even survive, put together a sentence or be the same Lauren ever again.

Photo courtesy of The Refined Woman. Read the gorgeous interview with Lauren by her friend Kat from the Refined Woman

Photo courtesy of The Refined Woman. Read the gorgeous interview with Lauren by her friend Kat from the Refined Woman

She has now made a full recovery and is living an abundant life with all the things she loves. This includes fashion and her new husband Jason Kennedy, the dashing E! News Correspondent. They tied the knot in a stunning ceremony in Dallas, TX in December, a month significant to Lauren’s past. The two have a connection that is evident and comes only from Amazing Grace, being that early on in her recovery, as she was able to process the events of the accident, she thought she was “ugly” and that “no guy would ever love her.” On the contrary, this young lady is stunning, even more beautiful on the inside and kindhearted.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy in white Madewell crop top and a wrap up shorts that is a skirt from Storets

Photo courtesy of

Being a model, she says she received “a dose of reality to see herself in a different way” and that her “compassion for people has strengthened.” A lesson that she now wants to share with other girls, is that “our appearance is not what defines us, or the insecurities that we hold onto don’t define us.”

Lauren’s deep faith is ever present, infectious and her light shines bright. She held on to His promise and His Word and was intent to “walk by faith and not by sight.” She held onto His truth and he has comforted her and blessed her life with love and purpose.


Photo courtesy of The Refined Woman. Read the gorgeous interview with Lauren by her friend Kat from the Refined Woman

Lauren, now Mrs. Kennedy, sees that this life is way bigger than her. The things she held important early in her career were “quite shallow,” and it shows that The Lord knew the road He was leading her to. In our weakest, most vulnerable times is when we are given the opportunity to lean on God, and it is then that our human eyes may be able to see the lives that God intended for us.

Lauren writes about her testimony and shares her recollections of all that transpired throughout her journey that she and her family faced in her new book Still Lolo. A great testament to faith and not losing sight of who you are spiritually, even when the odds look like they may be against you.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, She’s Still LoLo

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, Still LoLo

You can also read more about her parents, Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs’ own personal journey, in their book I Do Again. Ironically, this book was written years prior to Lauren’s accident on how they fell in love again and were given a second chance at their own marriage. A riveting read that will preface God’s purposeful hand in making sure this loving Christian family would be together in His Honor in a tragic event that was right around the corner.

Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs, I Do Again

Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs, I Do Again

I can’t wait to see what all these spirited (and attractive!) newlyweds will grace us with in their future endeavors. I am certain whatever it is, it will be bold and impactful with a continued story of grace and redemption!

Photo Courtesy of Bella Naija

Photo Courtesy of Bella Naija

It has truly been an inspirational journey with so much to be redeemed. To watch as the Lord has done miraculous healing and given rich blessings to her and her family is a part of their rich testimony, and one that The Scruggs’ family is using to share Jesus with the world. It is proof through Lauren, that our God is the Ultimate Physician, and nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to watch all the ways she will continue to shine light for the world to see goodness, feel warmth and know love.

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