Her Binder Project

Do you need reassurance that God has a plan for your life? Do you sometimes question what His plan actually is, especially when things aren’t going as YOU planned?

Believing in God means believing in the impossible even in the midst of supreme trials or tremendous obstacles that are happening in our lives. Relinquishing ALL control to Him, in every aspect of our lives, means trusting He will deliver His promise and covenant to us.IMG_8833That promise of His is to take care of us and give us everything we need; blessing upon blessing and most importantly everlasting life.

God’s promises have stood the test of time and are powerful and awesome to those that confess His worth and are unshaken by our daily burdens and circumstances.

I hope you had an awesome Monday, and here’s to an awesome week, Empresses! Here’s an important questions…have you placed time on your calendar with your Creator, because He is longing for us to constantly connect with Him?

LOVE Her Binder Project​ a FREE tool that helps us be intentional and plans your week for you to set aside time to spend time to sit in silence and connect with Him. Screen-Shot-2015-10-01-at-8_55_23-AM-978x400

Each day is filled with a new sunrise and a new day to ask for His grace, and an opportunity to invite Him into our lives to do new things- things that only He can do.

Make sure to use your time wisely this week and live intentionally and let Her Binder Project help. I would love to hear how He is working in your life and the tools you use to study His word! Comment and let me know! Have a great week!


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