Hair Color Tips for Dyeing Your Hair at Home

tips for dyeing your hair and extensions at Home using Schwarzkopf Color Ultime box color

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If you know me or have been following this blog over the last couple of year’s, than you know I am no stranger to a new bold hair color! So, I’m sharing some hair color tips for dyeing your hair at home!

I love changing my hair up, and am obsessed with using box color to do it myself in the convenience of my own home! From platinum blonde to brunette, I have been them all! I am excited to show off my new vibrant color using Schwarzkopf Color ULTÎME® and provide you step-by-step directions to easily achieve professional quality color at home!how to color hair extensions using Schwarzkopf Color Ultime box colorI am no stranger to box color and have been coloring my own for decades. I am so excited to partner with one of my favorite brands, Schwarzkopf, to bring you confidence to do your own even if it’s in between getting it professionally done! The well known local salon that I go to (when I need extreme help or don’t feel like doing it myself!), uses this high end professional brand. That alone makes me confident choosing Schwarzkopf to put on my locks! Haven’t we all been standing in the drugstore aisle aimlessly trying to choose a brand and then a color?! I know you’ve been there!!! I’ve learned so many tips to help anyone that is unsure of coloring their hair themselves at home, and want you to feel confident in the “true to box” color result that Schwarzkopf delivers!DIY hair tutorial with Schwarzkopf Color Ultime  Start with putting on the included gloves and adding the Color Cream tube into the Application Bottle. Put your forefinger over the tip and shake until well blended. Brush to remove any tangles, and prior to starting the overall color process, always do a patch test on a strand at the base of your neckline. Make sure you are wearing some old clothing that you don’t care about or place a towel around your neck to catch any drippings.

Next, make a part down the middle and add the coloration mixture in a straight line along the part on dry hair. Using your fingers or a color brush, rub the color in saturating the scalp approximately two inches. Then using the bottle tip or a small fine tip comb, lift the hair to move on to the next section until you have finished the whole head. Let this sit for 20-25 minutes.DIY hair tutorial with Schwarzkopf Color Ultime  Then use the remaining color in the Application Bottle on the rest of the head, using a shampooing motion to make sure the whole head is saturated evenly. Let sit an additional five minutes to even out the color. Make sure that you have covered all of your hair (if you have long hair you need two bottles), otherwise you may have a few leopard spots!!!

I always set the timer on my phone, so that I don’t get distracted doing something else and leave it on too long! Then simply rinse with warm water, shampoo, rinse, condition and then rinse with cool water to lock in the color.DIY hair tutorial with Schwarzkopf Color Ultime From going blonde and teaching myself to highlight and dye my own roots, and then going back to brunette, I have experimented with many colors and have even dyed my extensions. Picking out a shade can be a bit overwhelming if you’re new to coloring your own hair, and even for veterans like myself. I used shade 4.1 in Rich Brown this time for color freshness and the shine and vivid color is perfection. It evened out my color, covered the grey’s, and left it a vibrant rich brown.

If you have a question on which shade is best for you, put some of your ends onto the back of the box next to the natural hair color shades for authentic color comparison, and to help you see what the color result will be.DIY hair tutorial with Schwarzkopf Color Ultime DIY hair tutorial with Schwarzkopf Color UltimeAlthough it may not be as a dramatic change from the last time, you can definitely tell how much more rich this brown is. It definitely revived my color to look more vibrant and awake! 

When I went from blonde back to brunette, I had spent so much money on my blonde extensions and didn’t want to have to buy new ones. So, I bought some color ULTÎME® and did them myself! Do you have extensions that need updating to match your vibrant new color? If so, use these tips to color your extensions and give it a vivid new color, while saving your wallet some money!DIY hair tutorial with Schwarzkopf Color UltimeIn my experience, extensions are very porous and take color very quickly, so make sure to choose a shade that is two shades above what you want the color result to be. You can always add more color, but removing it is not so easy! 

  1. Gently wash and let dry overnight
  2. Comb extensions to remove any tangles
  3. Just as you would with your own hair, always perform a test strand first
  4. Apply the dye to the extensions and be generous in application
  5. Use a comb to distribute the color evenly among the extensions from top top to bottom
  6. Lay extensions on a towel for the allotted time per package directions (I recommend 20 minutes)
  7. Wash out all of the color with warm water and apply shampoo
  8. Wash out shampoo, condition, and rinse using cold water 
  9. Comb through and let air dry (always recommended) or blow dry if short for time
  10. Apply them to your head and rock your new long vibrant tresses!

Schwarzkopf defies fading for up to 9 weeks of color and provides long lasting color. The shine and feel of my hair after coloring it, even after a few weeks of washing, is so soft and feels healthy. I know I can rely on the color to not fade before my next application, and that’s something to get excited about!how to color hair extensions using Schwarzkopf Color Ultime box colorAre you ready to change up your hair color? You can find ULTÎME® with Diamond Brilliance Serum at your local Wal-Mart in the beauty department and can even try it for free! Click here to try a product free with this for dyeing your hair and extensions at Home using Schwarzkopf Color Ultime box color Pick out your fresh new Schwarzkopf color ULTÎME box and share your tips for coloring your hair at home with our community here!


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