Easy Cream Cheese Pepper Jelly Appetizer

Easy Cream Cheese Pepper Jelly Appetizer

I am always looking for a simple appetizer that you can throw together last minute even after you are in your party dress! This easy Cream Cheese Pepper Jelly Appetizer is a southern staple that must be in any Empresses recipe arsenal! 

You can buy  any flavor of jelly you want from spicy, sweet, tangy or fruity, whatever is your favorite will work! I prefer the Trader Joe’s Hot & Sweet Pepper Jelly, but if you don’t, just use apricot or grape jelly. You cannot go wrong with this easy crowd pleaser! It is so festive and perfect for the holiday’s!

It may not be the prettiest appetizer, but it is the easiest dish you will ever throw together!

Cream Cheese and Pepper Jelly


1 – 8 oz. block cream cheese, at room temperature

1 small jar of pepper jelly (I love the Trader Joe’s brand and Publix also has one in the PB&J section that I recommend)

Butter crackers for serving


Place softened cream cheese in the middle of a bowl

Stir pepper jelly to a slightly thinner consistency (I like mine thicker, so I don’t stir too much)

Pour jelly over cream cheese

The jelly will pour down the sides and puddle, so make sure to have a serving dish with sides

Serve with Table Water or Butter Crackers

Did I not tell you this was the easiest dish you will ever serve?! So, when you are working, shopping and get pressed for time this holiday season, just make sure your fridge is stocked with a block of cream cheese and your cabinet has pepper jelly and table crackers! You’re welcome!

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