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A JORD unique wood watch makes the perfect gift for a guy

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Happy day after Christmas, Empresses and Emperors! I hope your Christmas was magical and full of splendor! We had such an amazing week spending time with family, playing Santa and Mrs. Claus, and celebrating Baby Jesus! Gifts are such an important part of Christmas and I always want to make sure I pick the PERFECT gift for everyone on my list. It’s always so hard coming up with gift ideas for Fred though, because he’s just so picky (like I have any room to talk!), but as soon as I saw these JORD designer wood watches, I fell in love and knew that he would, too. These timepieces are made with unique wood from around the world, come in array of colors and designs and boasts high standards of pure elegance. JORD wood watches are sophisticated watches with a modern flair that will have everyone asking where you got it (keep reading, for a fun giveaway for your own JORD designer wood watch)!JORD wood watch makes the perfect gift with a red plaid bow on topA JORD wooden watch is a unique gift idea Time is so important to all of us, and there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. Fred and I have had the unfortunate circumstance to go through a life-altering experience together that left time showing us what truly matters.

Everyone is always so rushed. When Knox was diagnosed with pediatric cancer, it showed us that time is not on our side. We all need to slow down to enjoy what’s truly important in this life.

As much as I would like to, we can’t rewind or even slow down the clock and the older we get the faster it ticks, the quicker the days pass, and the quicker years fly by. I want them both to know my time is best spent when it’s with them! I love how you can see through the face of the watch. It reminds me of how we are all fighting against time and a gentle, yet constant reminder of just how precious the gift of time really is. Fred Bishop wearing a JORD wood watch in front of the Christmas treeWhen I gave this JORD Dover Ebony and Copper watch as an early Christmas present to Fred, truth be told, I wanted him to be proud of me. This watch is symbolic of the “time” I have spent pouring into this blog and how thankful I am for his support to me every minute of the day. I was able to gift him with something that I did on my own, and something I was proud to put on his wrist. He even came home from a business lunch and told me he got multiple compliments on it! #winning Fred Bishop wearing a JORD wood watch It’s time to fall in love like we did with JORD watches! Surprise your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or friend with a JORD wood watch or even a gift card, so that they can pick out their own here! The JORD designer wood watch is sure to amp up their fashion game! Or, if you’re like me, grab one of those gift cards that you get for Christmas to get one of these special watches for yourself here. I can’t wait to get one and style it with some cute bangles that I have on my Christmas list! That’s the beauty of these timeless watches. They are the perfect accessory to build a stack with…and what girl doesn’t love a stack?!?! 

So, let’s have some fun with a giveaway right before Christmas! We’ve all been shopping for everyone else, so now it’s your turn! Click this link to enter: Anyone who enter, will automatically receive a $25 JORD e gift code, and 1 winner will get a $100 JORD e gift code towards a new watch! Giveaway ends 1/15/17 at 11:59pm and the winner will be randomly selected and announced by JORD. 

Merry Christmas, Empresses! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

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