Crockpot Chocolate Lava Cake

Crockpot Empire Triple Chocolate Threat Cake in a Crockpot

Cake in a Crockpot? Yep, you read that right and another reason why I live with my Crockpot attached to my hip! I told you Empresses, that a girl can do it all with just a Crockpot, some lipstick, and a cute pair of heels! In this case, bake a cake the no fuss way! I will say, this is a non-traditional Chocolate Lava Cake, because instead of making it in custard cups you get to use your Crockpot! It was a hit in this house, especially with Knox…but what little (and big) kid doesn’t like chocolate?!

Nothing makes me happier than chocolate cake with warm molten fudge oozing out of the middle. I’ve seen this trending on Pinterest for years wondering if this could be as good as the reviews, and finally decided to try it. I will say, the texture is different, because you are using instant pudding mix instead of real chocolate, but it is still a decadent rich chocolate cake with a gooey warm filling! Add some vanilla ice cream and you’ve got one simple dump cake that will have your friends and family asking for the recipe. Just send them right back here and I will give it to them!!!Crockpot Slow Cooker Chocolate Molten Lava Cake Prepare cake and pudding mix according to package directions. Whisk pudding mix with 2 cups milk as directed. Whisk until thinned; let sit and pudding will begin to thicken after four to five minutes.IMG_0143 IMG_0144 Pour cake mix into bottom of well greased crockpot. How to make a crockpot molten lava cake by crockpot empirePour pudding mix over the cake batter and do not mix.IMG_0147Sprinkle chocolate chips on top.IMG_0151Cook on Low for 2.5 to 3 hours, or until cake is set and pudding is beginning to bubble out of the cake.IMG_0152 IMG_0155Just for fun, and because I love experimenting with my Crockpot, I also made this cake in the new 9×13 Crockpot and it was just as good, but not as molten. The pudding baked in with the cake and made a delectable triple chocolate cake that I have named Crockpot Empire’s Triple Chocolate Threat Cake! If you are looking for a new twist on a typical chocolate cake, then this is it! I hope you try it both ways and I can’t wait to hear what you and your family think of ‘Cake in a Crockpot’!!

Be sure to top it off with some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream for an amazing dose of chocolate goodness that is certain to cure any sweet tooth!The most delectable cake in a crockpot! Three different types of chocolate come together to create a Chocolate Lava Cake 


Crockpot Chocolate Lava Cake

Author Kimberly Bishop


  • 1 box Devil's food cake mix or any chocolate flavor you prefer such as Triple Chocolate
  • 1 bag 12 ounces semisweet chocolate chips

Ingredients for Cake Mix

  • 3 eggs according to cake mix
  • 2/3 cup water according to cake mix
  • Oil according to cake mix
  • 1 package 3.9 ounces instant chocolate pudding mix

Ingredients for Pudding Mix

  • 2 cups milk according to pudding mix



  1. Spray a 6-quart Crockpot with cooking spray, unflavored coconut oil, or use a Crockpot liner for easy clean up.
  2. Prepare cake mix according to package directions.
  3. Pour cake mixture into Crockpot.
  4. Cook on low 3-6 hours or high 6-8 until toothpick comes out clean in middle of cake.
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