7 Reasons I Drink Kombucha Every Day!

So many reasons we drink Kombucha at Crockpot Empire, but see seven on the blog now

Kombucha is like little rain drops of goodness sent down from Heaven!!! LOL! I love it!!! My sister, Kellie Haddock, was the first person to introduce me to this amazingly delicious beverage (treat!). Not only does it taste good, it is SO nutritious and good for you!!! It contains super healthy probiotics that can do wonders for your body when drank daily. I never want to overwhelm you with information, but this is one little goodie, I definitely want to share! I encourage you to drink it everyday and have your kids and husbands drink it, too!! Mine does (even out of beer mugs)!!! 

Kombucha-7 Reasons- Drink Daily-Weightloss-Healthy-Crockpot Empire-Kate SwainThese are the reasons I drink Kombucha everyday:

  1.  Detoxification
    1. Y’all know that I am all about feeling good on the inside and nothing does that better than detoxifications. Your liver and organs need to be cleansed of all the junk we put them through on a daily basis. “In one study, the liver cells were protected from oxidative injury and actually maintained their normal physiology, in spite of being exposed to a toxin!” According to researchers, this was “probably due to its antioxidant activity and could be beneficial against liver diseases, where oxidative stress is known to play a crucial role.” Dr. Axe
  2. Weight Loss/ Maintainence
    1. There was a study done in 2005 that showed kombucha improving metabolism and limiting fat accumulation. That alone is a great reason to drink it!
  3. Digestion Help
    • Kombucha is loaded with gut friendly probiotics, enzymes, and beneficial acids. It can help restore gut balance and prevent (and even reverse) the over growth of candida (or yeast) in your stomach. This can aid with:
      • Irregularity (keeping you “regular”)
      • Irritable Bowl Syndrome
      • Nausea and Diarrhea
      • Leaky Gut Syndrome
      • Heartburn
      • Gerd
      • Ulcers
  4. Energy Levels
    1. As a busy mom to 3 children I am also looking for ways to have natural energy. HELLO!  Kombucha is a perfect option, because it is fermented black tea.  When you drink it, you get a small amount of caffeine and iron, as well as b-vitamins. These all work together to boost your energy level (and mood).
  5. Immune Booster
    1. Kombucha contains powerful anti-oxidants as well as Vitamin C.  These work together to protect against free radicals, cell damage, and to strengthen your immune system. Even if you don’t drink this every day, definitely drink it when you feel sick or if you feel that you are getting sick for a nice boost!
  6. Joint Care
    1. Kombucha has glucosamines in it.  These help prevent collagen loss and arthritis. Currently, I am having some joint pain in my knee and this is one reason (among the many) that I drink Kombucha everyday! “Kombucha can help heal, repair and prevent joint damage in a number of ways. Kombucha is loaded with glucosamines, which increase synovial hyaluronic acid production. This supports the preservation of collagen and prevents arthritic pain. In the same way it supports joint collagen, it also supports collagen of the entire body and reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.”  Dr. Axe
  7. Cancer Prevention
    1. According to Dr. Axe, “Kombucha is also beneficial for cancer prevention and recovery. A study published in Cancer Letters found that consuming glucaric acid found in kombucha reduced the risk of cancer in humans. President Reagan even reportedly drank kombucha daily as part of his regimen to battle stomach cancer.”  Now, that is pretty cool!!

I have a few different brands that I like to drink, but these are two of my family’s favorites.

Kombucha-7 Reasons- Drink Daily-Weightloss-Healthy-Crockpot Empire-Kate Swain

GT’s Kombucha is delicious and has a very mild flavor to it. It has some tangy and tartness, but is not overwhelming.  The gingerade is a bit more mild and is great as a ‘beer substitute”! The trilogy has a slightly more tangy taste, but is also very smooth.  Neither are overly sweet.

Kombucha-7 Reasons- Drink Daily-Weightloss-Healthy-Crockpot Empire-Kate SwainIf you are looking for a soda replacement, or one your kids will definitely love, then try the LIVE Soda Kombucha. They have amazing flavors! Pure Doctor tastes just like Dr. Pepper and the Revive Root Beer tastes, well, like Root Beer! My kids would drink this all day long if I would let them! They love it! You can find both of these brands at Target.

Kombucha-7 Reasons- Drink Daily-Weightloss-Healthy-Crockpot Empire-Kate SwainSo how much do you drink? Well, a little can go a long way. According to Weston A. Price Foundation:

Adults should start with 4-6 oz and work up to 16 oz/day.

Children need less and can start with 2-3 oz and work their way to 8 oz.

A toddler can start with 2 tbsp and work up to 2 oz each day. You can mix theirs in with their favorite juice.

If you have too much at one time, the “good bugs” start eating up too much sugar and the result is a smelly, bloated feeling. Let your body ease into this super drink and get accustomed to the goodness that is going on inside your body!

Stay tuned, because coming soon I will teach how to SAVE MONEY and make your own Kombucha at home!! It is super easy! Have a great weekend Emperors and Empresses!

Stay Informed-Kate Swain-Crockpot Empire

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    January 24, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    When is best time to drink kombucha. thank you.

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      Crockpot Empire
      February 11, 2018 at 11:29 am

      The best time to drink it is on an empty stomach before a meal like in the morning. Since it has caffeine I would stay away from it in the evenings or for me like after 3pm! I’m no doctor, but this is what I have found works for me!

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