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In July of this summer, marking the one year anniversary of Knox’s Cancer diagnosis, we decided to sell our house. Although we were so happy in our home, we knew we needed a change and wanted to start fresh after celebrating the end of Knox’s chemotherapy regimen.

Our agent came on a Friday morning and placed the for sale sign in our yard and shortly thereafter, we left for Destin to celebrate the Fourth of July. This was a very exciting yet emotional celebration for our family, because it was just the year prior that we had to cancel our trip to St. Simon’s, GA to visit friends and celebrate the Fourth, finding out days later that Knox had a spinal tumor.Berkshire Hathaway - Home for sale Not only was it the Fourth of July holiday, but also my dad’s birthday. Yes, we found out that Knox had Cancer on my father’s, his G-Dad’s birthday. It was devastating news in itself, but having to make that call to my daddy on his special day and relay that his only grandson had pediatric cancer was one of the hardest things as a daughter that I’ve ever had to do; not really the birthday present that I was planning to give to him.

We had the most amazing family celebration that week at the beach and the second night we were there, we got an offer on our home after only 48 hours of putting it on the market. We were shocked and never in our wildest imagination would our house have sold that fast.

We quickly sold our home to the same buyer who put the first offer in. They were a lovely, cute and sweet young couple and they reminded us of our younger newlywed selves! Ironically enough, her name was Kim, which made it even more strange at closing!

At this point, we were closing in three weeks and had no idea what we were going to do. So, we decided to take this time to relax and enjoy the summer and the fact that we didn’t have to be at Aflac Cancer Center for weekly chemotherapy appointments and constant checkups. So, we packed up all of our stuff in storage, rented a beach condo and spent three months living the life of gypsies at the beach in Orange Beach, AL, where we were graced with the most beautiful friendships.

During this time, we were talking to a neighbor about purchasing her home and hoped that the deal wouldn’t fall through. There would be a lot of hoops to jump through and many things that would have to fall into place for it to happen and after a few months it wasn’t looking like the transaction was going to take place. We were sad, but knew if it was meant to be, it would be.

At this point we had no idea where we would move, but we prayed over it and knew that God would lead us to wherever He wanted and needed us. Our friends would ask, where are you going to move and my answer was always the same, “Wherever, God wants us to minister and wherever we would be of best service for Him.”

Little did we know that God wasn’t finished with us in our own little city, where I was raised. We even looked in all kinds of different cities, thinking we were being called outside of our comfort zone, including Athens, Orlando and Savannah. I feel like He was fueling my confidence to spread the Gospel by keeping me in the space where it all started….at home.

 Not only did The Lord plant us in our same Kim and Jon have become dear friends that have proven their love and grace for our family time and time again in the short time that we have known one another. Knox loves Miss Kim and asks to see her just about every day and loves going over to their house to see his old bedroom and play with Jon’s Nerf guns (did I mention they are also amazing babysitters?)!I want to share the letter that I wrote for potential buyers read when walking through our home. I was sad to let it go since so many wonderful memories were made in that house. However, change is both inevitable and good for the soul.

Dear Potential Buyer,

Thank you for choosing to look at our home today. Upon entering, it may be just a house, one of many that you will view before finding the one that meets your families needs, but to us it is much more than that.

We can relate, because we searched endlessly to find the perfect home as newlyweds and now this is the dwelling place that offers security to our three year old, who was brought home from the hospital here. A place that is filled with love, dreams, and where friendships have flourished.

We take great pride in our first home; we love our beautiful and meticulously kept neighborhood, adore our kind and generous neighbors and find everything we need in this community so much so, that we are choosing not to go anywhere else, but to stay in this neighborhood for our next home purchase. We are buying another home on this street that fits the needs for our growing family, to continue to live in this desirable community and amazing school district.

I hope that you love our home as much as we do and that one day we may be able to call one another neighbor!


Kim and Fred Bishop

We are so grateful to God that not only did He answer our calling on where He wanted us to help build His Kingdom, but also sent us the most beautiful neighbors and friends who now live in the house that was such a special home to our family and we can call neighbor. I pray that it will become not just brick and mortar, but a place filled with lots of love, rich blessings and most importantly beautiful warm memories that last a lifetime.

We are literally moving on from the things we have gone through and the storm that we have weathered. A new home to make new memories in, because after all there’s no place like home.

Kim Bishop - Crockpot Empire

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