Annie: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Hard Knock Life” has been playing on repeat around the house like Frozen never existed. Last summer at the movie theatre Knox and I saw the trailer and I was a bit skeptical. I knew there would be no way this modernized version could compare to one of my favorite movies of all time, but to my surprise it is a well-done spin on a classic that could never be duplicated. And on top of that, this song brings back the most raw emotions and every time I hear it, I replay the night that Knox was diagnosed.

As a little girl, I loved Annie soooooo much, that I used to listen to the record album (that makes me sound so ancient!) over and over and over again, singing the songs at the top of my lungs and driving my sister, Stacey, absolutely crazy. To say she didn’t share the same sentiments to Annie would be an understatement. We still laugh about that record album and how worn out it was! My mom still has it stored away and that album is so special even more so now to me, because of this story.

I was even one of the orphans in a play growing up, in which I secretly wanted to be Annie, but got looked over for the part and was so disappointed. I must say, I know why I wasn’t chosen now – I would have made a horrible Annie, because I’m a horrific singer. My roommate and dear friend from college Julie will never let me forget that I used to pretend I was Jewel and really thought I sounded like her….ummm, l don’t. Thank you Lord for true friends that will honestly tell you they don’t like your outfit or that you can’t sing.

Watching this uplifting film brought back more than just nostalgic childhood and college memories. Annie has made an imprint on my heart in so many ways, including the most traumatic and devastating week of my life. I will never forget the first time leaving my precious Knox’s side in the Pediatric ICU to run home after days of sleeping on a cot, no shower and living on hospital food.


Knox’s first day being released from PICU and transferred to a room in the Neurology wing, where we had the most amazing nurse who left the most lasting impression and who I now call a friend. Thank you Whitney Legg for the care, love and sympathy that you gave to us. We will never forget that time we spent with you and your beautiful heart and smile.

I walked out of the hospital looking forward to feeling the sunshine on my face and being able to breathe in the fresh air, but when I walked out of the automatic doors into the parking lot it was dark, dreary and raining. To say this was less than uplifting is an understatement and I knew it had to be a sign reminding me that this was just a storm and that this too shall pass.

When I got in my car, I turned the keys and had forgotten that the CD that had been playing was Annie. My friend Jennifer knew how much I loved the movie growing up and had come across the CD and bought it for me. I had been playing it on repeat for Knox, sharing my love for the Broadway musical with him, right before he was diagnosed…

So, just as I would have done when I was a little girl, I pressed play and listened to “Tomorrow” on repeat, but this time instead of running around the house, singing at the top of my lungs to annoy my sister, I was an adult sitting in my car alone, weeping.

As I listened to the poignant lyrics it reminded me of God’s Promise. That Friday’s are always going to come and go, but Sunday is right around the corner. Just like Jesus died a mournful death on the cross for us on a Friday to save us of our sins, on Sunday he resurrected and made the impossible happen to give us hope, AND a future.

It made me realize that just because we were going through a storm, that the sun was going to come out tomorrow. And because of the poignant words in a simple song that had embedded on my heart, it reminded me that although the rain was pouring down, literally, that the sun will come out tomorrow and that I just needed to hang on ’til tomorrow come what may.

So, I took a deep breath, brushed away my tears, drove home, took a bath, called my best friend and came right back to take care of business. I held on tight to the faith and hope that God delivered to us on Resurrection Sunday. Happy Easter, Empresses, we all have blessings to be thankful for even when we are in a storm that is raging! Let’s not forget to glorify the One that has given us true live, because of all that He suffered for us on this significant day.

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