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There is a whole world out there that swears that eating like Fred Flintstone, and those alive during the Paleontology era, will keep you healthy, disease free, and managing auto-immune disorders. Having a child that was diagnosed with cancer, you can bet I have done the research and lots of it. I do believe that food plays a huge role in our health, and the way we feel emotionally and physically.

There are so many different lifestyles of eating out there that it can become quite overwhelming. Please join me on my quest to start exploring the world of Paleo that so many swear by. We will experiment with recipes, seek to understand the idealism behind this Paleolithic lifestyle, and share information with one another that will help us all live our healthiest and best lives yet.

When I first heard about Paleo, I was a bit apprehensive and thought that it was just another fad. However, it has proven that it is here to stay and the resource that I always go to when researching this new way of life is The Paleo Mom. Sarah Ballantyne, a neighbor of mine here in Marietta, GA, has been the most trusted source behind the best information of all things Paleo.

The Paleo Mom Diagram of Paleo Foods and how much to eat

Sarah is a highly educated Doctor, who shares the science behind the Paleo diet and lifestyle. Ironically enough, Sarah studied and conducted research on epithelial cancer cell biology, which is the exact type of tumor my three year old son was diagnosed with.

There is no one more trustworthy, more educated or more experienced on Paleo than Sarah Ballantyne. Not only is she academically trained, she is also a real person that has seen the first hand benefits of living the Paleo lifestyle. She lost 120-lbs upon starting the diet and had dramatic improvements in many underlying conditions that she had previously suffered from.

Sarah has published two amazing books, The New York Times bestselling The Paleo Approach and the companion cookbook, The Paleo Approach Cookbook. These books have helped many reach their health and wellness goals, including several of my friends.

Sarah has a realist outlook and respectfully understands that there are many choices out there- she is a wealth of great information who wants to inform, educate, and see the success in those that are willing to open their hearts to this new lifestyle on food and living. You can refer to The Paleo Mom’s excellent description of the Paleo Diet and her section for beginners to get started. Her downloads page also includes several useful resources.

I can’t wait to start exploring the world of the caveman diet with you- we will hold hands as we discover what foods are considered Paleo in this modern diet that emulates the way of the hunters and gatherers, who ate only wild plants and animals!

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