The Best Is Yet To Come

Fred, Kim and Knox Bishop in masks, glasses and hats blowing horns for Happy New Year

Every New Year is a fun celebration, but ringing in this year was nothing short of amazing. There were no exclusive parties, fancy attire, ritzy establishments or posh hotels. In fact, it was entirely the opposite and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Our little family snuggled up in comfy pajamas, nestled at home with their baby who is cancer free with dinner and the ball drop. I’ll take that over fame and fortune any day of the year.

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Last year, we were in the midst of having the responsibility to give oral chemotherapy to our toddler at home (those of you with kids can imagine how wild and short lived that was!) and still uncertain of Knox’s diagnosis. Although extremely hopeful and trusting in God’s Promises, our human minds still tend to get trapped with fear and anxiety over things that we have no control over. So, this year was a celebration like no other. Our baby is in remission, living a life that a little three-year-old boy deserves. He is leaps and bounds physically from where he was this time last year. So for us, our little family celebrated BIG together…toddler style!

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We rang in the New Year early, so that Knox could participate. He had water out of his champagne glass, while mama and daddy toasted with the “good” stuff!

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On New Year’s Day, Fred woke up and headed to Baton Rouge for the Sugar Bowl (yep, that’s my crazy hubs!) so that he could spend New Year’s Eve with us and also do the Southern tradition of rooting on the SEC, game day style. Although we are Bulldog fans, it was disappointing to see Alabama not come home with a win. It didn’t matter for him though, because he tailgated, entertained customers and had a blast Cajun style…the proof is in the pudding. Or more like, the proof is in the tab!


While Fred was eating Boudin Balls and drinking Jack Doubles with Alabama fans, I had friends come over and cooked a New Year’s Day supper. Our meal featured collards, black eyed peas, corn bread and fish, a southern tradition that brings good luck and prosperity. It was a great day to be with friends and make new traditions, all the while making me sound like a desperate housewife!!!



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The kids even gave the dogs a bath, so they could start the year off with a new hairdo! This poor dog is put through so much….can’t you see he’s absolutely thrilled about 2015?!


The evening ended with a New Year’s party bubble bath with glow sticks and Taylor Swift jams, where the kids danced and played. The mamas drank wine and “maybe” sang and danced along with T-Swift, too!!! Those videos are safely locked up in my phone for now, but you never know… one day I may surprise you and share just how fun I can be!

Then there was a bathtub balloon drop to celebrate the welcoming of 2015. And on that special night, the first day of the New Year, where we all want to start fresh I put Knox to bed and told him just like I do every night– how incredibly proud I am to be his mommy, how brave and strong he is and that this year is going to be full of many fun adventures, rich blessings and amazing experiences. And I meant EVERY word more than ever.

Happy New Year from our family to yours! May your 2015 be filled with all your heart’s desires.

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