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Steal My Show

Steal My Show post with Kim and Knox BishopSteal My Show by Toby Mac has always been one of my favorite worship songs. As a blogger, it can be hard to keep the want, need and passion for success at bay. I make it a priority to keep social media in check, which can sometimes be a fine line. I always want to be willing to allow my Heavenly Father to “Steal My Show,” because after all it’s not about me…

God, Take It Away and Steal My Show

We all long to be accepted, popular and sought after by what society deems desirable, but during those moments that I find myself getting wrapped up in trying to keep up with the next blogger or friend, I remind myself that I am already famous in the eyes of my heavenly Father and all of that becomes obsolete. However, because I am human, my soul can still feel the same emotions of inadequacy and meritocracy that fill my mind with “fake news!” See what I just did there?

This world is exhausting and it’s not what I signed up for when I started my blog last December, but sometimes you have to conform if you want to get your message out. And my message is very important and worth that hefty price tag…to me.


I made the decision to add fashion as a part of my blog repertoire, only because I saw the enormous market that is currently out there for fashion blogging. With my passion for the art of fashion, coupled with my marketing background, I knew I would be able to reach so many more people to ultimately serve two purposes and ONLY two purposes; spreading the love of Jesus Christ and the awareness of Pediatric Cancer.

I have been told to niche down and focus on one thing, so this past year I focused only on food. However, throughout the year so many of you have said how much you miss the fashion piece, since it has been gone. So, don’t be confused when you see me prancing awkwardly around in front of a camera again, taking pictures of clothing that I love, while trying to market for designers and retailers. It’s a job that believe it or not, I am working hard at and LOVE. Working hard not to covet and love the material things in this world, and always remembering that they will not and cannot fill a void in a heart that can sometimes feel empty. And I do it, because you tell me you enjoy it…and I DO TOO! 


The only place we can seek a place of acceptance and pure love is in the arms of Jesus. With that being said, I work hard to stay true to myself, and am doing this to spread the Gospel and help children. PERIOD. Yes, it’s fun, and I enjoy it, otherwise I wouldn’t do it, however this job does come with a price and that price tag is steep, overwhelming, and has led me to find out just who believes in me. So, go ahead, Lord, if you’ve got something to say…take it away! I am always ready to step aside and let you speak through me.


“…No matter who we are, no matter what we do,  we all got our own show, we got our own life. And we can either take that life and we can make it ours, or we can give it to God and ask Him to do something much greater with it than we can ever do on our own. God here I am, steal my show, take it away, LORD…take it away! Use it for your glory God. It’s you I want to live for.” -TOBY MAC


Thank you Brighton The Day for Being a Bright Light


I want to give an enormous thank you to Brighton Keller, an amazing fashion blogger, at who has inspired me to write this post. She has renewed my spirit and my thirst for The Word. I promised myself in the beginning of this journey that I would only use this forum in the ways God himself asks of me, and every night as I lay my head down on my pillow, I give him all the glory and pray that He lead me in the direction and fill my soul with the message he wants me to share with all of you. Thank you Brighton, for helping me do just that.

In the weeks and months to come, I will be sharing my personal walk with the Lord and the ups and downs that have come along with it. It has not been smooth, it has not been easy, and quite frankly, I will be exposing my weaknesses, vulnerability and sinful heart. As Brighton mentioned, there may be many followers I lose, but on the upside there will be so many I gain; those that are like minded and are looking to hear His message. If it helps only one person to accept Christ into their heart then it will be worth it, because when I finally figured out what the true meaning of “picking up the cross every day” truly meant; my life became far more abundant and blessed.

My God has chosen me, someone less than perfect, to make something out of nothing. I don’t know why he chose me yet, but he saw my heart and believed in me and I am not going to disappoint him after all He has done to show me I am loved. I don’t need my name in lights, nor do I need applause from anyone but Him. And in the words of Toby Mac, this is His stage and I am just going to take that stage, hand over the microphone to Him, and let him steal the show.

I hope you will follow along as the spiritual magic continues to unfold not just in my life, but so many of your’s on this journey alongside of me! Make no mistake he knows YOUR name and whatever stage you are on let him use you to turn others to know him. 

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