Southern Style Green Beans

Our family has been cooking these beans for as long as I think Allen’s have been putting these beans out on the grocery store shelves! We used to use fresh green beans, but we all know that sometimes you just find the perfect way to alleviate that extra step and this is one of those times that this Empress uses a can instead of fresh!

After trying these green beans, I am going to say it’s pretty safe to say you will never buy another brand again! Allen’s also sells green beans that are pre-seasoned called “Seasoned Green Beans,” which my mom buys and we use on weeknights. This is my Aunt’s recipe and the one I like to use for the holidays and those extra special occasions! Enjoy!

Southern Style Green Beans


1 large can Allen’s green beans

1/2 packet of one Goya seasoning (found in the Ethnic food aisle)

1 slice of bacon, optional


Pour green beans with liquid into saucepan.

Add Goya seasoning packet.

Place bacon in pot if using (this will add more flavor to the beans).

Bring to a boil and then turn to low heat for an hour.

Pour into a serving bowl and serve with a pierced serving spoon.

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