Singing in Your Rain Boots

Umbrella - Pink - Blanket Scarf - Joie - Hunter Rain Boots 2 Umbrella - Pink - Blanket Scarf - Joie - Hunter Rain Boots 3 Blanket Scarf - Emily Dees Earrings - Marcia Moran Swank Umbrella - Pink - Blanket Scarf - Joie - Hunter Rain BootsHappy Monday, cuties! I hope ya’ll had a fabulous weekend! It was SO cold and rainy all weekend, so that meant a weekend of all day P.J.’s!!!

I love weekends with rain, because it helps me focus on getting house chores done. Admittedly, laundry is not really my thing, girls. We all don’t have a thing though, right?! Ask Fred, he’ll give you the full low-down! I’ll give you a hint, though! I am notorious for leaving the clothes in the washer too long, before putting them in the dryer, and am constantly having to do re-washes! A friend of mine does laundry every day and when I learned that I was so envious. I can barely take a shower every day much less do a load of laundry!!!

With the rain gracing us with its presence, I was also finally able to wear my coveted pink rain boots that my mom and dad gave me for Christmas (they were on my Christmas list!) and I am so in love! I have been wanting the pink Hunter Boots for far too long, but they sold out earlier this fall. I found these at such a reasonable price and when I realized they came in a plethora of colors I was smitten! For less than $40 they are the perfect rain boots! And how adorable do they look with this pink blanket scarf and umbrella? You Empresses must know by now if you’ve read my bio, that I will buy anything and everything in pink. If it comes in pink, I want it!

This week I will continue to focus on the word of the year that I chose for myself. Have you chosen your word yet? It is based upon the book ‘My One Word’, written by a young Pastor Mike Ashcroft and Rachel Ashcroft in Wilmington, NC. The concept is to choose one word representing what you most want God to do in your life this year, and to find lasting change opposed to resolutions that we always tend to quit. You focus on that one word for the next 12-months and set your sights and the power of your mind on it to become a more committed disciple and servant. I have heard the word INTENTIONAL so much and thought that was my word, until I realized I already am intentional in what I do. I needed something more out of my comfort zone, so I chose LIGHT.

The word is multi-faceted and as a noun it means the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible, but also is the understanding of a problem or mystery; enlightenment. I want to focus on Christ’s light, and be an even brighter light that shines His light. I want to get to know Him and the mysteries that surround Him more in depth and take our relationship even deeper to enlighten my thirst for His Word and strengthen my walk as a Believer. As a verb, it means to make something start burning; ignite. My goal is to shine such a bright light that it ignites a passion in those that do not know Jesus Christ to come to know Him. I also want to lighten my load, burdens and heart to focus on what is most precious, valuable and rich in this life.

Will you join me this year and pick a word that you will focus on all year long, so we can do this together? Pick your word with intent and comment below to let me know what you choose or hasthag #OneWordEmpress on Instagram! I hope my fellow Empresses will take their beauty and grow it and their walks with The Lord this year! I can’t wait to hear what your words are!!! Have a great day! XX


 Rain Boots // Pink Blanket Scarf // SPANX Leggings // Reflecta Umbrella // Tory Burch York Tote // Marcia Moran Earrings

I want to take a minute to say thank you to my talented dear friend Becky Baun for always being willing to take these pictures at the drop of a hat and for giving so much love and heart to this blog, just because you’re my friend. I couldn’t do it without you!

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