My Daily Retinol Skincare Routine with RoC

RoC Retinol Daily Hydration Anti Wrinkle Creme for my daily skincare routine

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Age is just a number they say, but when you’re the one that’s aging the saying takes on a whole new meaning. Over the years, I have learned the importance of taking care of your skin and am always trying to find the “perfect” products, but everyone has a different opinion on what is the “best.” I recently discovered Retinol for for my daily skincare routine and think I’m onto something great, period, and not just “for my age.”RoC Retinol Daily Hydration Anti Wrinkle Creme for my My Day and Night Time Skincare RoutineI mean, who wants backhanded compliments like those that shatter rather than flatter? Oh, now that I know you weren’t as young as I thought you were now “you look great for your age!” I just celebrated my 40th birthday and what was once considered “Over the Hill,” is becoming an old adage with no validity any longer. I may not be in my 20’s or even 30’s anymore, but I still look, feel and act like I am and that’s what matters!

And for this newly 40-year-old woman, I need all the help; I can get can get from an innovative skin care brand like RoC®which aims to create beauty products to help women look and feel their best at every age.RoC Retinol Daily Hydration Anti Wrinkle Creme for my daily skincare routineMy biggest concerns are fine lines and wrinkles, and the Retinol in these products have powerful results without a prescription. Along with the RoC® Retinol Correxion® Max Daily Hydration Crème for my daily skincare regimen, I have also started using the Retinol Correxion® Sensitive Night Cream based upon my results taking their customized anti aging skincare routine.RoC Retinol Daily Hydration Anti Wrinkle Creme for my daily skincare routineNo matter how old you are, let’s all celebrate how age is just a number and remove the negativity used to discuss a woman’s appearance after age 40. I may be two 20 year olds in my own mind, but I can assure you that you would have never have guessed I was 40 if I wasn’t screaming it on the social media rooftops!!! 

RoC recently did a #ForYourAge study and nearly 1 in 4 women feel it would be worse to admit their age to everyone they know than their salary. I’m proud to say that I would much rather you know my age, because we HR Professionals are trained to never disclose our salary!!!RoC Retinol Daily Hydration Anti Wrinkle Creme for my daily skincare routineI am proud of my age and the woman I have become, and want everyone to know that aging is truly a blessing and nothing to be ashamed of. There may be a negative connotation to women aging, but I have truly embraced that our face is our road map and shows all that you have been through. I know the lines I have are from many nights of worrying about Knox, and we will continue to look back at each other in the mirror proudly.

You can read how I welcomed in 40 and about life lessons I have learned over the years, some of which have given me those wrinkles, here! You will see that I continue to stay true to not acting my age on a majority of them, especially #13!RoC Retinol Daily Hydration Anti Wrinkle Creme for my daily skincare routineNothing is black and white, but oh so colorful, if we choose to see it that way and age is a beautiful color! Let’s all commend RoC® for simply recognizing women for what they really are: beautiful. period. Join me and other boss babes like, Thandie Newton, that feel empowered by their age and life experiences and are refusing to let society put a label on us!

Don’t you just love when you get carded, hand your driver’s license over to the cashier and they look at you and say, “You look so good for your age?” I know it’s meant to be kindhearted, but can’t we all just be beautiful no matter what age?

Join in on the conversation and help flip the script by sharing your story of what aging means to you by tagging #ForYourAge

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