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“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” – Bill Nye

Of course, the infamous Bill Nye knows something that I don’t…he’s the science guy for goodness sake! And math and science are like foreign languages to me. My sister went to Georgia Tech (thanks to the Dawgs’ recent loss, that now makes me the nerd!) and my dad is also an IT guru (insert “geek” here)! You would think with leaves like those on a family tree, I would have been automatically gifted the science gene. But all I got was the gift of having fingers to help me with simple addition. With such a lack of analytic nature, I was therefore forced to identify a major that would alleviate me having to take any classes that was associated with numbers. So, I chose Communications.

I knew I could talk, but then again who can’t?! We all have things to say, but it’s also important to listen. When you listen you have an opportunity to learn from experiences that others have already endured and those experiences may just change your life!Knox Bishop as a newborn at the hospital wearing a monogrammed baby blue onesie and hatWe ALL know something that can help one another grow and flourish, but sometimes we are not open to learning from one another out of fear of what others may think. I remember as a new parent I was like a blender with no top spinning out of control. Even though it appeared like everything was contained and I had it all under control, I was a hot mess and unsure of pretty much everything. Everything except how much I loved this baby that I was now responsible for.

Kim Bishop with Knox after he was bornLooking back it’s so hard to believe my little Knoxie was this tiny? The days are long, but the years go by so fast. So, make sure to relish and remember every moment no matter how hard it may be.

I had so many questions, but most of the time I was too embarrassed to ask, because I didn’t want to seem like a failure. I felt a heavy burden that I was expected to know everything that came along with having a baby and being a new mom. The pressure and anxiety to raise a “perfect” child was overwhelming. I spent entirely too much time at Target, because I didn’t know that I was supposed to be at the park meeting other new stay at home moms. I took more pictures than NASA takes of Mars, because I was alone at home with him every day. I registered and bought every item that seemed like it had a legitimate purpose to make sure my baby was properly taken care of even though that was all a waste of money. 

Baby Knox Bishop at two weeks old




Knox Bishop looking like a burrito in a swaddle blanket

Knox Bishop holding wedding rings as a newborn while he sleeps Knox Bishop newborn photography shot in a knit hat laying on his tummy on the bedA few moths ago, I was cleaning out the bath toys and found a turtle that also served as a thermometer that I had registered for (and actually used!). I immediately wondered if the friend who bought it off my registry did so, because she was legitimately concerned that I may be too delirious or inadequate as a new mom to know if the water was too hot for my baby to bathe in? Green Turtle Bath ThermometerOr, did she think to herself, hmmm, if she registered for this she really may not know how to put her hand in the bath to tell if the water is lukewarm…I really do need to get this for her! I admit it now, although it is a really cute turtle, I was duped. I hope she knows that I really was fully capable of testing bath water. I remember while registering, that my mom and friends told me there were many things I just didn’t need. That there were far more important things that would be needed, and this was just extra fluff. My take away, is just like a girl getting married, you can’t tell a pregnant woman what not to buy. PERIOD. We all have to learn the hard way and boy did I learn the hard way once Knox came…

Knox Bishop in a rubber ducky bath tub with bubble making machineThat’s when my friends with multiple children stepped in and told me about Moms On Call.Moms on call that will help you with parenting for the first four years Two pediatric nurse-mom’s, Nurse Jennifer and Nurse Laura that have over 20 years of pediatric experience started Moms on Call. Between the two of them, they are raising eight children, including two sets of twin boys and there’s not a question they have never been asked (or been able to answer)! They know what new mom’s worry about and provide them with the best advice, products and parenting tips that all come from a place driven by the love of their Lord and Savior. These ladies have changed new age motherhood by sharing all of their professional secrets. They have taken the guessing game out of how to care for a newborn and showing us into toddler years how to raise kind spirited and well respected children.

The nurses, Jennifer and Laura, who created Moms on Call

Photo Courtesy of Moms on Call

I personally have read their books, implemented their teachings and swear by their methods. Quite frankly, I would still be watching the blender spin and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, if I hadn’t been given the gift of their knowledge by my girlfriends’. When Knox was born, I let him dictate to me when he wanted something and never knew what that was. Was he hungry, sleepy, in need of a diaper change or just fussy? When I put him on this schedule, I was able to be the one that told him when it was time to eat, sleep, snack and play. It is a regimented schedule, but babies need structure and so do new moms! 

Head over to Moms On Call and learn how to get your baby to start sleeping through the night or find ways to help bring out the best behavior in your free-spirited toddler. They have books, products, online classes, and even offer personal consultations.

My girlfriends who knew something I didn’t were thoughtful, generous, kind, and forthcoming enough to share their secret when I was too proud to ask. It really does take a village to raise children and we shouldn’t feel guilty, embarrassed or uneducated to have to ask for help from those that know something that we don’t. 

Step outside your comfort zone, stop worrying what other moms will think, and remember we are all a work in progress and doing the best job we can. Give yourself grace, pat yourself on the back and know you are doing a damn good job – even if we do need (a lot) of help along the way! Check out Moms on Call and let them teach you all you need to know about motherhood that the natural instincts don’t! They also now have an app that wasn’t available a few short years ago, when Knox was born. You new mamas are lucky!!!

I promise it will teach you how to cut your babies fingernails without making them bleed, get you some serious shut eye, and keep you from registering for things that will collect dust and never be used. Oh, and help you get back the mind you’ve lost!

In addition to items that Moms On Call recommends, also included are a few of our personal favorites:

What are your first time mommy woes and have you used Moms on Call? 

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

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