Mediterranean Chicken Bake

A few months ago I was completely stumped on dinner ideas. I usually plan out our dinners for the week,  and even write them on our menu board on the fridge, but this particular week I had nothing. I was totally drawing a blank and needed some inspiration. So naturally I sought help!! I called my good friend who had the perfect answer: a Mediterranean Chicken Bake (the original recipe is on The Clever Carrot ).  I have modified it to match our family’s taste, plus added some extra veggies).

This is the perfect weeknight meal for so many reasons! First, it is an “all in one” dish. You bake everything in one dish…hello easy cleaning! Second, it is super nutritious. It has vegetables, protein, healthy fats, and carbs. Third, it is pure comfort food without the side of excess calories! Fourth, my kids love it, which is always a plus! Fifth, it is so easy and takes less than an hour from prep to finish. You can start this at 5:00 and be eating by 6:00!

This recipe is so simple and easy to make and I am sure it will be a hit with your family!


1 lb Chicken Breast, cut in large chunks

  • You can bypass this step and get a rotisserie chicken and cut the meat off of the bones. That will save you about 20 minutes

1 Tbsp Butter

1 1lb Container of Cherry Tomatoes

1 small Yellow Onion, diced

  • You can also buy pre-diced onion in the refrigerated produce section

3 Tbsp Olive Oil

1/2 Red Bell Pepper

1/2 Yellow Bell Pepper

8-10 Small Fingerling Potatoes (optional)

1 12oz Jar Kalamata (Greek) Pitted Olives, drained

1 12oz  Jar Marinated Artichoke Hearts, drained

1/2 Package Mozzarella Pearls

Salt and Pepper to taste


Preheat your oven to 425.

Rinse your tomatoes and dice your onion.

In a large casserole dish (11×14) place your tomatoes and onions.

Drizzle with 1 TBSP olive oil and add Salt and Pepper (to taste).

Mediterranean Bake-Ingredients-Tomatoes-onions-olive oil-Crockpot EmpireRoast the onions and tomatoes for 20 min (or until the onions turn yellow “translucent” and the tomatoes start to “pop”).

While the tomatoes and onions are cooking, turn your stove on med-high heat (a 7 or 8 on the dial).

Add 1 Tbsp butter and melt.

Add your raw chicken and brown for 8 min (stirring every 2 min).

Keep the chicken in the pan, but remove from heat after 8 min.

Mediterranean Bake-Ingredients-Chicken-Crockpot EmpireWhile the chicken, tomatoes, and onions are all cooking, cut your bell peppers and potatoes (if using them) into large diced chunks.

Mediterranean Bake-Ingredients-Bell Peppers-Crockpot EmpireAfter 20 minutes of roasting, remove the tomatoes and onions from the oven and add your bell peppers and potatoes.

Give it a gentle stir and drizzle 1 more tbsp olive oil.

Mediterranean Bake-Ingredients-Tomatoes-onions-olive oil-Crockpot EmpirePlace back in the oven for 5 min.

Remove again from the oven and add your chicken, olives, and artichoke hearts.

Stir and add your last Tbsp of Olive Oil plus a little salt and pepper (to taste).

Mediterranean Bake-Ingredients-Tomatoes-onions-olive oil-Crockpot EmpirePlace the dish back in the oven for the final time and cook for an additional 15 min.

Finally, remove the dish and add the Mozzarella Pearls.

Mediterranean Bake-Ingredients-Tomatoes-onions-olive oil-Crockpot EmpireStir and watch the mozzarella melt all through out this delicious dish.

Mediterranean Bake-Ingredients-Tomatoes-onions-olive oil-Crockpot EmpireThis recipe is so versatile and can easily adapt to what you have on hand. You can add carrots and/or mushrooms instead of the bell peppers. Or add white beans instead of the potatoes. You can omit the potatoes and serve over rice.  It is a fun recipe to play around with. Try it and let me know how you like it!

Stay Informed-Kate Swain-Crockpot Empire

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