Kids in the Kitchen

Crockpot Empire originated, because some of my best memories are in the kitchen cooking with my grandmother. She taught me how to bake cakes, cook supper, whip up a hearty breakfast and cook from scratch. It is so important to open up our kitchens to our little ones, teaching them the basic techniques, because learning the art of cooking is a gift that can fuel the soul and feed families for years to come.

Knox loves to be my sous chef and it is the perfect way for us to spend quality time together. I must be honest, it was difficult at first to succumb to a toddler’s hand, letting him do the majority of the work, but I have seen first hand how quickly life can be taken, and I don’t every want to miss an opportunity with him. Especially an opportunity to lick the beaters! IMG_7975I quickly learned to let go and be okay with him making a mess. Like when he cracks open an egg and misses the bowl and egg falling all over the floor, or when the shells make it into the cake batter and I have to fish them out. In the scheme of things, it’ s only a few extra minutes of my time for the fun and learning that he is experiencing, and that holds it’s weight in egg shells!IMG_7980Teaching our kids how to maneuver their way in the kitchen is fueling them to learn healthy eating habits, math skills, teamwork and enhancing their fine motor skills. By measuring the water and oil, pouring it in and stirring, I watch how happy and confident it makes Knox feel. The sense of accomplishment that he exudes every time we finish makes my heart want to explode.IMG_7981I look back at the times I was too rushed or didn’t have the patience to let him do something, just because I wanted to get it done quickly. FAST is the new verb that rules our lives in this generation and we must slow down or we are going to miss the things that truly matter; like this little boy that I have been sent on loan to teach everything to.

I was worried at first to let him have control of the mixer, but again, I figured if my son can go through the things he has already been through, what can a few spinning metal spoons do? Judgment accepted. LOL.

Yes, I have gotten waaaaaaayyy more lax in my parenting then I was before Cancer!  It’s actually a blessing, because I was so uptight and would have worried that he would cut off a finger or God forbid, let it go and chocolate would fly all over the kitchen. I still worry about those things, but they just don’t keep me from letting both of us live lives based off of fear (or OCD)!Kitchen Aid Mixer - Cake Mix - Duncan Hines- Chocolate Cooking with Knox is such a treat for me. I encourage you to get your kids on the counter, pull out some ingredients and let them do the work and make a BIG mess! I’ve always heard that a messy kitchen is a sign of true happiness and in this house, I find that to be nothing but the truth.



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