Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling

All about one of my favorite daily devotionals, Jesus Calling

I was first introduced to Jesus Calling, shortly after Knox was diagnosed with Cancer. I was at my weakest and most vulnerable state and I will be forever grateful for this precious gift, because it is one of many facets that saved my soul, my outlook on life and my spirit.

I can remember reading it on days when I didn’t know if I could push through the pain. I would wake up, open the app on my phone to read what the verse and scripture was for the day, and it would immediately soften my heart and soothe my soul. There were days that it would bring chills to my spine, because this daily devotional was always spot on and it still is to this day.ipad_iphone_jc

It always seems to know the exact space in time that I am, the words of encouragement I need, and the scripture always relates to what I am going through. It makes me believe that it has been created just for me, and so many of my girlfriends say they feel the exact same way. The most magnificent part is that it is created exactly for each one of us; all of us alike, who believe in the Holy Spirit, that God is in control of our lives and that He died on the cross to save us from the sin we all have trapped within us.Jesus Calling Devotional App Bible Crockpot Empire How to PrayThe story of this amazing app becomes even more beautiful and poignant, when just days after my college roomie, Jules, told me about it, my Mother-In-Law called to tell me that she had put a gift in the mail for me. When the package arrived, I opened it up and pulled out a small book that had the same cover as my new Jesus Calling app.

JesusCalling1 (2)I knew God had arranged this beautiful gift in confirmation that I continue seeking His Word and finding peace within these precious words that the author, Sarah Young, finds through spending time in prayer with God. That was a beautiful day and one I will never forget; I no longer believe in coincidences. I see things from a different perspective now, one that is filled with purpose, divine intervention and a life that has no accidents or coincidences. It is His work in our lives that is being fulfilled.Devotional-Reading-2During the time that I was going through a significantly difficult journey, so was my best friend. I know now that God gave us these life-altering struggles at literally the exact same time for multiple reasons. One, to make certain that we understand as human beings, that we all go through trials and tribulations and we are not alone. And two, for an even more grand purpose; that she begin to know Christ, so she can ultimately make the decision to ask Him into her heart putting her trust and salvation in Him alone.

I distinctly remember talking to her the first morning that I was able to come home from the hospital after a week’s stay in the Pediatric ICU. I was in the bathtub, talking to her on the phone sobbing and sharing the confusion of what was now my life of a child with cancer. I then turned the conversation around, asking how she was doing and how things were going with her struggle. I will never forget her saying, “my problems are not even close to what you are going through. We don’t even need to talk about that.”

JesusCalling2 (2)It dawned on me, right then and there, that it doesn’t matter how deep the cut, every single one of us bleeds and it hurts BAD, no matter the severity in someone else’s eyes. We are all on our own journey and our paths are not the same. We will be wounded and hurt, and in so many confusing and different ways that run the gamut, and they ALL matter. Every single heartache, heartbreak, disappointment, struggle and trial that we are given, they are all a part of someone’s journey and all a part of a greater story. A story that hopefully leads to finding hope in Jesus Christ and trusting in His promise that He will see you through it if you just believe in the hope He has given to us.

JesusCalling3 (2)God knows what we need every day and each night He is working on our behalf, while we sleep. Trust that no matter the day you have had, or the struggle you have had to bear, that if you trust in His Promise and lay your troubles at the foot of the Cross, the sun will set and rise again with a new day of blessings ahead. You just have to walk by faith and not by our own sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we live by faith, not by sight. All of Sarah Young’s books and devotionals can be  purchased here at Family Christian Stores.

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