Knox has always loved to throw pennies into the fountain and these days I like to give him quarters or all of the change in my wallet in hopes that his wish at that moment is even more received than it would be with just one cent. I want him to dream big, have big wishes, because a dream is a wish your heart makes. I know this child is special, as with every single one of God’s children, and as his mommy I want nothing more than those wishes to all come true.

DSC_0577I remember one day at the park, Knox threw his coin into the fountain and a little boy his age was standing next to him watching his every move. After releasing it, Knox said, “I wish for a Lucky Charms iPad.” His new little friend looked at him and said, you don’t say your wish out loud or it won’t come true! I giggled to myself a) because I had NO clue what a Lucky Charms iPad was and b) how cute the conversation was between these two three-year-old little boys. From that day on, Knox keeps his wishes a secret when he throws his money into every fountain. However, there was one wish that became more public than we could have ever imagined.


I will never forget the call I received from the social worker at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta two years ago asking me if we were open to receiving a wish granted on behalf of Make-A-Wish Foundation. I was shopping at Hobby Lobby in the craft section and immediately burst into tears in disbelief {again} that my son quite possibly may be losing his sweet little life. It was devastating, confusing and SHOCKING.

The irony to this whole story is that I used to work for a not-for-profit wish granting organization, Dreams Come True, in Jacksonville, FL that fulfills dreams for children battling life-threatening illnesses. I met children and developed relationships with their families, threw them parties, helped fulfill their dreams, fundraised and spread awareness via various media outlets to draw attention to this much needed cause. I always called each of those precious little children I met, beacons of light that The Lord sent, because they always radiated happiness regardless of their difficult situations.

To now be one of those families that I served was overwhelming. I am thankful to the lovely volunteers and the sweet staff at Make-A-Wish Georgia, who made us feel deserving, even though sometimes our hearts felt others deserved it more. They worked so hard and spent countless hours of their free time, planning, executing, and giving to us in order for Knox to have the exact wish his little heart desired.

IMG_6045Since Knox was so young, it took him two years to decide what his wish would be, but I always knew he wanted to be amongst his favorite pals. Being that he had already been to Disney World three times, and that Disney’s theme song is “when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you,”  I just knew Disneyland was where he was meant to be.










IMG_7245A loving local company, Rainmaker, based out of Alpharetta, GA, sponsored Knox’s wish and their company rallied and raised the funds for our family to go on this amazing trip. They even hosted a send-off party where we got to meet the generous and lovely employees that felt so inspired to give. They pulled out all the stops for this party and treated us like royalty. We are truly humbled and forever grateful for the love and sweet blessings this organization bestowed upon our family. Thank you Rainmaker for showering Knox with SO many gifts and for loving on us like you did!



DSC_8478 (2)

DSC_8468 (1)Our trip to Disneyland and Legoland, California Resort was nothing but rich blessings. Knox’s favorite parts of the trip were getting his driver’s license at Legoland, being such a brave boy riding Space Mountain, going on Alice in Wonderland, seeing the Legoland hotel, and hanging out in Radiator Springs with Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen!


DSC_0508 (1)




IMG_6340 (1)

DSC_0508We are truly blessed, humbled and grateful for all of the love, support and kindness our family has received from our community. We have always known the importance of giving back, but to know it from being the ones that actually receives it first-hand, changes the dynamic exponentially.

IMG_7238You never know when tragedy may strike; we certainly never expected to be in this position, where people are giving to us and we were leaning on others for support. However, we are thankful that we are celebrating the end of a long and tough road, and that it has been one filled with an abundance of spiritual and emotional growth, God’s healing, and a learning experience that is worth its weight in gold. Thanks for being there for our family, and for following along on our journey.

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