We go to the same pumpkin patch every year and now more than ever it’s a tradition that I will never let go of. It reminds me of the beauty of the season of our lives and how we all grow and change with the trials that are placed before us. I have felt immense heartache, pain that I could not remove from my baby, and grief that I have had to overcome. I am stronger, wiser and more faithful than I have ever been and that feels like we picked the biggest pumpkin ever. Pumpkin Patch - Fall - Knox BishopPumpkin Patch - Knox Bishop - Fall - Halloween - Longall28005_10151345730084928_2004487796_nPumpkin Patch - Lion - Mini Boden - FallIMG_9480As I sit here looking through pictures to add to this blog post, I am overwhelmed with emotions that I thought I had contained. Halloween and the pumpkin patch are always  reminders of all that has transpired in our little Knoxie’s life and all that he has been through, because it is the day when it all started. Three years ago, on Halloween, began our journey battling Pediatric Cancer.

It was the afternoon of his second Halloween, and he started showing signs of discomfort. Tugging at his diaper at the hip, crying during diaper changes and then refusing to walk. Every time I tried to put him down, he would frog leg right back up. He had been scratching at his hip, and not wanting to walk, so I took him to the Pediatrician and they took blood work that came back fine. So, in every effort to make sure they were covering all basis, we were sent over to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for X-Rays.

I was starting to get upset that we might miss dressing up as an elephant for trick-or-treating having to stay at the hospital so long. I was excited for this one, because he was now able to interact with neighborhood friends, play and enjoy the festivities that comes with the fun holiday. Which is a big difference from the previous year, when he could only lay on the floor and look cute!Tootsie Roll Costume - Halloween - Baby We finally got a diagnosis of Transient (also known as Toxic) Synovitis. Just as the pediatrician relayed to me, the name sounds a lot worse than it really is. Transient Synovitis is inflammation in the hip joint that is usually onset by an upper respiratory infection, causing acute pain in the hip and therefore making it painful to walk. I was advised that Ibuprofen would alleviate the pain and Knox should begin to resume normal activity. However, “normal” really hadn’t been defined yet, since he had only been walking for less than a week. He was still walking, but for short periods at a time and Ibuprofen did not appear to be working.

Our new normal started that day, when we got home in the knick of time from the hospital to throw on his costume, snap a few pics and set out trick-or-treating. We were still so worried about what was wrong. Knox was tired, couldn’t walk and we called it a night early. Little did we know that this was the first day that would change our lives forever.Elephant - Halloween Costume - Knox BishopElephant Costume - Halloween - Toddler CostumeOver the next year, Knox was misdiagnosed repeatedly. From Transient Synovitis, to a Multiple Sclerosis scare, to having a virus in the spine, time and time again we were told different opinions, but I never did believe it. Some call it mother’s intuition, but I call it the Holy Spirit. The Lord continued to speak to me and laid it on my heart that I must advocate for this child. And that’s what I did, I pushed and pushed, doctor after doctor, until the night that the devastating news rocked our world.

And that’s when our little Knoxie became a roaring Lion, battling the beast called Cancer. He was a lion the year he was going through chemotherapy and then after beating Cancer last year he was Superman. We also moved into our new home on Halloween and a fresh start for a new year has been had!Lion Costumes - Zoo Keeper - LionessBatman - Clark Kent - Batgirl - Halloween CostumesEach year, Knox is growing stronger and we are blessed beyond belief to have a healthy child. We always remember how fragile life is, especially at this time of year. We are excited to be able to watch Knox dress up as Batman, spend the night with family and friends and watch our little Super Hero excitedly run around the neighborhood trick-or-treating this Halloween.

As you watch your little super heroes and princesses, remember how special this time we have been given with them truly is. And so the saying goes, when black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.







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