Get Those Glutes

Want a nice perky booty? How about strong and firm hamstrings?

If you said yes, than this weeks Workout Wednesday is going to help get you a little closer to that backside you want while hitting some upper body muscles along the way! I will warn you that I was sore for days after this one…which is always a sign of an amazing workout!!

To GET THOSE GLUTES you will need a kettlebell, a set of dumbbells and a step.*

This workout is 5 Rounds long. Complete each exercise as quickly as possible with as minimal rest time as possible. Once you have completed all 10 exercises, rest for 1 minute and start over again with the first exercise. SO, you will do all 10 exercises back to back without resting, then you will rest for 1 min and begin again.

Here is a breakdown of each exercise with a video demo. Please ask any questions in the comments section and I will respond.

  • 25 Kettlebell Swings

Kettle Bell Swing Video Demo

Kettlbell Swing

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip distance apart.  Hold the kettlebell with two hands in-between your legs.  With a slight bend in your knee, push your hips back and lower your chest slightly to the floor, then in a very powerful move, push your hips forward and the momentum will lift the kettlebell to shoulder height.  This is a lower body workout.  This is NOT a squat.


  • 20 Tricep Dips

Tricep Dip Video Demo

Sit on the edge of your step (or chair or window sill) and place your hands right next to your hips.  Fingers and toes should be pointing in the same direction.  Push up with your hands and then lower your body down to the ground. Keeping your booty close to the step will work your triceps even more.


  • 15 Box Jumps

Box Jumps Video Demo

Stand with your feet hip distance apart and about 2 feet away from your step.  Push your hands and hips back and slightly bend your knees.  Then in an explosive move, jump up on to the step.  You can step or hop to get down, then repeat.


  • 20 Chest Press

Chest Press Video Demo

Lay on your step, with your back and neck fully supported.  Holding your dumbbells in your hands, raise your hands directly above your chest (weights should touch) and squeeze your chest.  Next, lower your hands toward your shoulders in a “goal-post” position, then return to top.


  • 10 Sumo Dead Lift High Pull

Sumo Deadlift High Pull Video Demo

Picture a sumo wrestler and go!  LOL  Stand with your feet wide, holding the kettlebell with two hands, lower your booty all the way to the ground.  Now slowly start lifting up, and as you stand also lift the kettlebell.  Keep your elbows wide and high and stop when you are fully standing and the kettlebell is just below your neck.  Then, return to the low position you started with.


  • 15 Wide Dumbbell Rows

Wide Dumbbell Rows

Start by holding the dumbbells in your hands by your hips.  Now raise your elbows back, lifting the weights up to your arm pits.  Make sure you squeeze the muscles in your upper back.


  • 20 Hip Bridge (feet on step)

Hip Bridge Video Demo (feet)

Lay your mat next to your step.  Place your feet on your step, while leaving your back on the floor.  Dig your heels in to the step and push your hips to the ceiling.  Return your hips back down, but don’t let them touch the step.


  • 20 Hip Bridge (shoulders on step)

Hip Bridge Video Demo (shoulders)

Lay with your shoulders and neck on the step.  Your back is up off the ground and your feet are touching the ground.  Lower your hips toward the ground, get really close with out touching the ground, then return your hips back up.


  • 20 Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant Video Demo

Have hands and feet on the ground in a table top position.  Back should be flat.  Bring your knee out to the side and extend your leg straight out, then bend knee again and return back to ground.  Do 20 reps on your right then 20 on your left before moving on to sprints.


  • 5 Sprints (20/10)

Run as fast and as hard as you can for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, repeat for a total of 5 sprints. These can be done indoors on a treadmill or outside on the pavement.

Finally, getting fit should always be FUN! Grab your headphones, get some jammin music on like the 2015 Cardio Playlist and get in your zone! You CAN do this and you WILL feel amazing and strong when you are done!

Stay Informed-3

*I used a 30lb kettlebell, 15lb dumbbells, and a total of 12 risers on the step (six on each side). If you are new to a fitness routine, I recommend a 15-20lb kettlebell, 8-10lb dumbbells and only six risers (three on each side) on the step.

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