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Fred is a burger lover and was known for making a mean one back in college! If you have been following along with Crockpot Empire, you already know what an amazing cook his mama is. She had a hand in sending him off to The University of Georgia with a few tricks up his sleeve, and one of those tricks was a book including some of his favorite recipes that he grew up on and one of those has now become Fred’s Famous Burgers.

You can read the post about the book that she packed in his suitcase here at Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her. Fred and I have spent hours in the kitchen testing burger recipes to make sure we love this one as much as we thought we did, and we believe the fame these burgers got in college, are definitely still on point! Read on to get Fred’s Famous Burgers recipe!The book Where's Mom Now That I Need Her by Kent FrandsenHe’s made these for me several times and I love it when he cooks for me!!! He recently made his famous burgers for Knox to try for the first time and we turned them into little football sliders for show! Can you tell we are anxiously awaiting football to be back in only five months??!! The cutest little football sliders that are juicy and full of flavor!Whether you make full size hamburger patty’s or sliders, these burgers are bursting with flavor and sure to please a crowd. They are juicy, flavorful and unique. Just recently my niece said this was the best burger she’s ever had! Some burger connoisseurs will scoff at putting in these added ingredients, but we think the onion soup makes this the best!!!

One of the most important factors when making burgers at home is to use at least 80/20 ground beef. You must have a little fat in the meat for a yummy juicy burger. If you want to REALLY impress your guests, and want the mecca burger, you can grind your meat in a food processor, adding the dry ingredients to the processor. Again, if you follow along here, you know we are all about simplicity and that’s an extra step that we, in The Bishop household, don’t typically do! 😉

Also, if you’re hosting company and want to make it a bit more of an experience, make it a burger bar with all of the fixin’s, so that everyone can personalize their own burger. Add a red and white picnic tablecloth, some beer and you have a party happening!

Fred’s Famous Burgers Recipe


1 ground beef (I recommend 80% lean/20% fat)

1/2 package Lipton Onion Mix

1/4 cup flour

1/4 cup milk

1/4 cup Dale’s seasoning

If  you’re making sliders, we love King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls or small deli buns purchased in the grocery bakery! Otherwise, be sure to pick up some hamburger buns.

Optional Toppings: cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and pickles


Use your hands and scrunch the packet of Lipton Soup Mix, so that it is ground up when pouring into the meat.

Add meat, onion soup mix, flour, milk and Dale’s into a large mixing bowl. Mix together gently until all ingredients are well combined.How to make a juicy hamburgerForm meat into burger patty’s, being very delicate. DO NOT over squish or pat down (this is very important as it will cause burgers to fall apart).

Once patty’s are formed use your thumb to make a thumb print in the middle making an indention or divet. This will help keep the burger not too thick and to cook evenly.

For a normal size patty, cook on the grill for three to five minutes on each side on direct heat and DO NOT smash it with your spatula while cooking. If cooking on the stovetop, ten minutes on low each side will give you the perfectly cooked medium well burger.

If you want to add cheese to your burgers, cook burger on grill for three minutes on one side, flip, add cheese and cook an additional four to five minutes.  *Tip: if you forgot the cheese and waited too long to add it on the grill, just cover the burger with a saucepan and it will melt in under a minute!

Remove from direct heat and cook for an additional two minutes on each side for a medium well and DELICIOUS burger.A southern twist on a burger that makes it juicy flavorful and packed with a punchWhat is your family’s favorite burger recipe? We are always looking to try new recipes, since Knox is taking after his mommy and daddy and loves a good cheeseburger!Knox eating the most delicious homemade hamburger recipe that his daddy makes! Comment below or send us your recipe to to be featured on our page or social media pages! We love getting your comments, suggestions, feedback and recipes! Please keep them coming and as always thank you for reading!!!Kimberly Bishop Crockpot Empire Signature




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