Floral Dress and Faux Leather Jacket

Tranisition to fall spring in this floral mini dress and faux leather jacket paired with the feminine Kendra Scott Rayne necklace

When I want a new outfit (let’s be real that’s every. single. day!) and am not able to break the bank on one at my favorite high end stores or boutiques, I run straight to Target for some #TargetStyle. I’m there almost every other day, and it’s basically impossible to not browse the clothing section for the newest trends at super affordable prices. It’s one of my greatest passions, putting together amazing looks that look like you spent a killing, but really you walked out of the store without your husband even knowing what you bought! Let’s be honest, us mom’s tend to focus our money on our kid’s, and sometimes there’s not much left for us, but this floral dress and faux leather jacket proves that we can have both!  kim-bishop-crockpot-empire-faux-leather-jacket-tan-booties-floral-dress-kendra-scottOne of my fall favorite staples is a faux leather jacket in EVERY color!!! Trust me, I love the real thing, too, (I hope PETA isn’t reading, LOL!). I just don’t really see the need to buy real, when faux looks great (especially this one under $40!) and gives you the opportunity to buy even MORE stuff to fill your closet! I love taking an edgy piece and pairing it with something feminine like floral, to add some texture and boldness to a look! Adding this delicate, yet trendy Kendra Scott Rayne necklace adds the perfect touch! Moto Jacket Crockpot Empire Kendra ScottYou can see how I paired my moto jacket two year’s ago, the first month I started the blog here! I love this look too, but my other jacket has notched lapels, which creates a completely different vibe, oh and my hair was bleached blonde? Say what?! It took me a few lessons learned (you can read about one of those here!) and I promise I am never doing that again!!! Jesus made my hair brown, and brown it will be!!! Can I get an AMEN?!?!

Back to the outfit…I am absolutely in L-O-V-E with these booties and they are the perfect color tan and under $50!!! I am a shoe freak, and again, adore fancy shoes, but what’s the purpose if you can have these that are designed by Dolce Vita that are less than half the price?!?!Dolce Vita Tan Wedge Booties Crockpot EmpireSo, cute, right??!! I am absolutely in love with these gems that will go with so much this season and for under $35 bucks how can you turn them down?! I have a few more pairs of these little Target jewels that I will be sharing with you soon that i just bought!Kendra Scott Rayne NecklaceThis weekend is my 20th high school reunion and I am so excited (and a bit nervous!) to go. To see friends that are now strangers is exhilarating, yet filled with emotion, and a tad bit of anxiety for me. I never really found my footing in high school, and those years were filled with lots of soul searching and trying hard to fit in. That’s a whole other blog post that will be coming to the blog soon! I just have to make it through Saturday night!!! No, really, I am so excited and can’t wait to reconnect and share who I am now, and see just how much God’s grace has worked in all of us in the past 20 years {ouch!}

Hope you sweet Empresses are having an amazing week! Put on your crown that God made just for you and rock it with confidence, because you are a Daughter of the King and He adores and loves you more than you could ever imagine!


Faux Leather Jacket // Floral Dress // Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace // DV Booties by Dolce Vita

Kim Bishop - Crockpot Empire

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