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Kim Bishop from Crockpot Empire is wearing a tan fringe shearling vest with a plaid shirt and Cowboy boots from Honey Butter Boutique

The world of fashion is daunting and incredibly competitive. You have to always stay on top of the trends, but most importantly, it’s about connecting with your customers and giving them an experience that makes them feel confident, loved, and extremely special when walking out of your store. I am so blessed that I have made some incredibly special relationships with several local boutiques through this blog that are purely through His love. Most recently, I had the opportunity to work with Honey Butter Boutique, who has recently created a monthly box subscription like no other, called Fabulous Good, and I am honored to be a part of its launch. 

By subscribing monthly to fabulousgood.com a box of clothing and jewelry will show up on your doorstep chosen by your Honey Butter Boutique stylist just for youThere is no doubt that God had a finite hand in setting up this divine appointment. A little back story: Candi, the owner of Honey Butter, said to her husband the night before my assistant called her to see if they would be interested in partnering with Crockpot Empire, “We really need to find a blogger to work with, but who and how do we find them?” In God’s always perfect timing, Candi answered the call the next morning and immediately said yes with pure conviction.  Kim Bishop at Crockpot Empire talks about the new ministry fashion subscription box by Honey Butter Boutique called FabulousGood.comThe outfit from fabulousgood.com is a shearling fringe vest paired with a plaid shirt, denim and cowboy boots When we met with Candi, her husband Brad, and their son, the light of Jesus was shining so brightly and it was undeniable that this ministry they have created is so unique and purely for His glory. There are many subscription box services out there, and new ones popping up on the daily, but FabulousGood.com is the only one of its kind, because it’s ‘fashion with a purpose’. Honey Butter Boutique’s mission with Fabulous Good is to make a positive impact in helping to empower at risk women around the world. They showcase handmade items from their featured organizations, which provides direct monetary support to the ministry or program, as well as spreading awareness about the mission! This bracelet is supporting WIPHAN ministry that helps women and orphans in Zambia. I paired it with HM Willow bracelets for Honey Butter Boutique This bracelet is supporting WIPHAN ministry that helps women and orphans in Zambia. I paired it with HM Willow bracelets for Honey Butter Boutique For only $29.99/month you receive a box at your doorstep, filled with an outfit and jewelry customized specifically for you, but you and that box are also empowering women, by providing hope and empowering those in need by supporting ministries around the world. This bracelet was made by a widow in Zambia and is the ministry item that came in my box. I paired it with my favorite H.M. Willow bracelets and it was the perfect combination for a great stack!This bracelet is supporting WIPHAN ministry that helps women and orphans in Zambia. I paired it with HM Willow bracelets for Honey Butter BoutiqueThis bracelet is supporting WIPHAN ministry that helps women and orphans in Zambia. I paired it with HM Willow bracelets for Honey Butter BoutiqueYou can choose to keep the items in the box for an additional cost, but you always receive a free ministry item that your full amount of $29.99/month goes towards. How can you not feel good about spending only $29.99 knowing that every bit of that money goes to changing the lives across the globe and even here locally. I know when I opened my box, thinking of all the ways I will be able to have a hand in this ministry, it brought a huge smile to my face and warmed my heart so much that it even skipped a beat. To have that feeling every month is priceless and worth way more than $29.99. Plus, to know how my money is doing good and then getting to see an amazing outfit like this put together for me to look fabulous is icing on the cake! I mean, how amazing is this shearling fringe vest and plaid top together?Kimberly Bishop from Crockpot Empire in a southern look by Honey Butter Boutique. A shearling fringe vest, plaid shirt, and cowboy boots This beautiful handmade bracelet came in my Fabulous Good.com subscription box by Honey Butter Boutique. I wore it on the same hand as my Tag Heuer watchI chose to pair it with cowboy boots, because Honey Butter carries a wide assortment of boots and is the perfect place to grab a new pair. I am eyeing the fringed pair that I recently saw in the store! You can buy them here!

Each month will focus on a different ministry item and there is a questionnaire to make sure Fabulous Good and Honey Butter know your style, size and any information that will help their stylists create a fabulous look for you each month! If you love your outfit, an additional $79.99 is deducted from your account, but if you don’t want to keep it you have five days to send it back in a pre-paid USPS envelope. You also have the ability to let them know if you are wanting something specific for the month, or would rather have a high priced item opposed to a whole outfit. It’s fully personalized and tailored to making sure you feel confident, loved, and extremely special when opening your box! Fabulous Good Subscription Box Directions that helps support ministries worldwideCandi is a blessing and I am thrilled to be a witness and a small part of her family’s journey that is one based solely on faith and commitment to doing the Lord’s work. If you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to contact me at kim@crockpotempire.com or if you’re local drop in to Honey Butter to get loved on by Candi and her sweet staff. If you’re not, you can certainly get questions answered by also reaching out to them directly at 770-992-5288 or honeybutter@mail.com. I hope that you will sign up for a box subscription and be a part of supporting amazing ministries like WIPHAN and empowering women in need.

Do Good. Look Fabulous. 

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