Backyard Safari Dinner Tonight! and Sunny-Side UP Egg Carton Gardening Kits

Knox planting his seeds for his Sunny-Side UP egg carton gardening kits by Backyard Safari Company

This post is sponsored by Backyard Safari Company and all opinions of the company, egg carton gardening kits and gourmet meal starters are my own.

Happy Wednesday, friends! How has your week been? We spent the weekend having much needed family time, relaxing, and catching up after Fred’s travels. We worked on our little Sunny-Side Up flower and vegetable gardens that we are tackling, and it was a fun weekend that ended with a girl’s night out to see Tim and Faith at Philips Arena! I also conquered my fear of heights and rode SkyView Atlanta after the concert! Did you catch it when we went live on Facebook?! It was so much fun and I am going to start using it more, so make sure to jump in and let me know if you’re watching! My goal here is to make this a little community, where we can open up, share tips, advice, our favorite recipes and products, and of course, not take ourselves too seriously in the process!

So, I mentioned that we worked on our little flower and vegetable gardens and what a treat I have for you today friends! I am so excited about the Backyard Safari Company and all of their amazing products. From Gourmet Meal Starters that make yummy family meals to Egg Carton Gardening Kits that make growing plants in small spaces, a success for even the novice gardener like myself, these are perfect gifts and fun activities for you and your kids!  

Backyard Safari Sunny-Side Up Little Bunny GardenKnox using potting soil to put in his Sunny-Side UP Flower Gardens by Backyard Safari CompanyKnox planting his seeds for his Sunny-Side UP Flower Gardens by Backyard Safari CompanyBackyard Safari Sunny-Side Up Little Bunny GardenI was connected to the owners, Clyde and Sherri, by a dear friend. When I learned more about their philosophy and saw how precious there line is, I immediately fell in love. I have been wanting to plant my own garden for years, but the undertaking is so overwhelming. I’m really great at pinning on my gardening Pinterest board, but just never know where to start! If this sounds all too familiar, look no further Empresses, because I have found the perfect solution for both you and your children!  With the cutest egg carton gardening kits, you can grow salsa or even a cocktail garden in your own backyard with fun drink recipes included! I mean who doesn’t want that as a gift?!?! Just learning how to grow a cocktail has me intrigued!Grow Salsa Egg Carton Garden by Backyard Safari CoWhen I received the complimentary package from Sherri, I was overwhelmed with how beautiful the presentation and packaging was. The Gourmet Meal Starters, like their award winning White Bean Chicken Chili, Fajita and Salmon seasonings got me so excited to throw some chicken and salmon into the crockpot and create my own recipes! Did you know you can cook salmon in the crockpot? Yes, it’s true! I will be bringing you a tutorial soon, but until then go order some of the Dinner Tonight! Salmon Seasoning and use Kate’s favorite recipe here. They were so delicious and being that they are all natural and gluten free is icing on the cake! Dinner Tonight! Meal starters include fajitas, white bean and black bean chili, salmon and burgers to make cooking a breeze

On top of the meal starters the egg carton gardening kits, which are cleverly named Sunny-Side Up, are designed especially for children and meant to be a first gardening experience for kiddos. I hope to foster a little gardening in Knox and help him get the green thumb that I never had! Fred’s daddy was a farmer and his Uncle Charles grows the most amazing crops in his backyard, and still shares with family. I want to instill the passion for the outdoors in my child, and I love that Knox and I can bond over outdoor activities like this, and both learn in the process.

The Sunny-Side Up egg carton gardening kits makes gardening fun and grows quickly. He loves to water his plants and is learning the responsibility of keeping something alive. To watch a seed grow that he planted, grow into a blooming flower or a vegetable that he can eat, has brought such a smile to his face and excitement into our home! I’m feeling pretty proud when I keep them alive, too! LOL.Plants growing from the seeds in the Sunny-Side Up Little Bunny GardenPlants growing from the seeds in the Sunny-Side Up Little Bunny GardenThe Backyard Safari Company is a reflection of the love of nature and realizing what matters most in life. So, whether it’s spending time together around the dinner table with family eating or chatting with friends over the garden fence, it’s the people around us that make the difference. So celebrate life, enjoy every moment and discover the adventure in your own backyard by planting y0ur own egg carton gardening kit! 

Happy cooking and gardening, Empresses!

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