Kate Swain – Contributor

Hi, my name is Kate. I am first and foremost a daughter of Christ, fully grateful for Jesus, and living abundantly in the Holy Spirit. Second, I am a wife of 11 years to my amazing husband and best friend. Third, I am a mother to three smart, funny and creative children: my son, 8 and two daughters, 6 and 2.

I have always had an appreciation for health, nutrition and fitness. I have worked in the fitness industry for the past six years, and I love the science behind how our bodies work and the proper fueling (food) to get the most you can out of life.

During my first pregnancy, I became very interested in what was going into my body to grow a human…eeeek!!! The whole idea that what I ate, touched, drank, and was exposed to could have an effect on my child got me to question so many things. I started doing research into what I was eating and tried to make healthier choices.

After my first son was born, I started to really take interest in what was going into his body as well. I decided I wanted him to eat a (mostly) organic whole food diet with minimally processed food. This was EXTREMELY important to me. I then began to learn about the different chemicals we are exposed to that can have a huge negative impact on our health. The first decision we made was to eliminate all BPA (this was 2007 before anyone was concerned about BPA and it was in everything, including baby products!) Second on our list was HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), followed by all artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors. Next, I researched the proper ways to build our bodies up; to make them stronger, smarter, healthier and more efficient.

The way to a healthy life is not one huge decision, but is actually small decisions we make on a daily basis. It might be a smart breakfast choice, the chance to go for a quick run, or saying no to that junk food that keeps calling your name (at 3 PM!).  My passion is my family’s health and I want to help you, too. I will teach you how find the best ingredients, the best meals, the best workout and fitness ideas, and the best tips and tricks that I use to make our day the healthiest it can be.

At the end of the day, I think we all want the same thing: an abundant life, full of health and wellbeing, free of sickness and disease, and the ability to live the life God has planned for us. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that for you, BUT I can give you the nutrition and fitness tools that will help you make the best decisions for you and your beautiful family.

I want this to be a welcoming and resourceful place for you. A place to come and learn more about the foods we should eat, and the ones to stay away from. Where you can learn about helpful exercises to do. A place where you can ask questions and receive prompt and helpful answers. A place that can help you navigate the intricate world of health, nutrition, and fitness.

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