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Knox Bishop in Kid's Ray Ban Blue Sunglasses with Monogram Collared Shirt holding Etsy First Day of School Sign

Phew, what a few week’s it has been over here in the Bishop household (side note: ugh, my baby’s growing up!)!!! I kept saying that I was just so thankful that his little life was spared from the battle of pediatric cancer, and so grateful that he was even able to be in this space, so I wasn’t going to be a crying mom sending off their little to the big leagues. Yeah, right. I failed miserably and I retract that statement, and can assure you that I was an emotional mess!!! I get it now, momma’s! Kindergarten is rough and is a sure sign that you no longer have a baby any longer.Knox Bishop Kindergarten Fellowship Etsy First Day Sign Monogram Shirt The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, adjusting to our new Back to School schedule and getting acclimated to our new lifestyle. This transition has been filled with so many high’s (and a few low’s, of course!), but so many rich blessings during this huge change in our lives. A change that has come upon us entirely too fast. Where does the time go (a question we all are constantly asking!)? To all you new, expecting or hopeful to be momma’s, always remember the best piece of advice I got from my mom on the day’s I would call her crying in despair. She would listen intently, empathize and always let me know to relish in the beautiful moment, no matter how difficult, because “the day’s are long, but the year’s are short.” Boy, was she ever right.Knox Bishop Kindergarten Crockpot Empire First Day of School Sign EtsyFor the rich blessings I am grateful, but also truly humbled. I am also thankful for the learning experience, and humbled for all that I have recently been taught about myself and my short comings (like getting to Knox to school on time!). We all have them, but most of us would rather hide them away and not publicize them. I have decided that it’s too important to all of us as momma’s to just be REAL, and admit that I just don’t have it all together, even though I wish I did. And wait for it…I’m not perfect, but in the eyes of my Creator, I AM (and so are YOU!).2 Corinthians 12 9 My grace is sufficient for you Crockpot Empire Bible VerseKnox’s new teacher, Mrs. Hurley, uses this as her class theme each year, “I am who God says I am!” She is teaching Knox and his classmates, that even though it may appear logically that something’s not possible, we can do anything, if that’s God’s will for our lives. He always gives us the tools to fulfill the purpose for our lives, but we have to be willing to obey, too. Don’t be tempted to listen to other’s opinions of who they think you are, who they think you should be, or where they think your worth comes from. Rest assured, your worth comes from The King, and you my sweet beautiful Empress, are a Daughter of the King of King’s, and should delight and rejoice in it! Knox Bishop Jennifer Hurley Fellowship Christian School Kindergarten Crockpot EmpireOnce again, this is a year full of learning for our whole family and that comes with some incredible new adventures and of course, fear. I am so excited to watch Knoxie’s incredible journey unfold, as he walks hand in hand with Jesus. I am even more excited to see who God says He is in the years to come. So, I have let go of the control, placed my son in the basket in the water, so to speak, and trusting God for the next phase of his life. I know there is a perfect plan for him, and for all God’s children, and I pray that all of us mommy’s, whose first instinct is to protect our babies, let the Spirit guide them and their Father protect them. After all, our children do not belong to us, as we are just stewards given a precious, beautiful gift, and the privilege to care for them. They truly belong to Him and are on loan to us for however long he chooses.  So, don’t worry, God’s got this. 🙂First Day of School Sign from Etsy KindergartenI hope you and your sweet babies had an amazing first few week’s and that all of you are well adjusted and ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall! We are headed to the lake for our last summer hoorah, so make sure to follow @crockpotempire for some behind the scenes fun! Happy weekend, Empresses!

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